plan ahead for success.

Most of the time I fall short of my fitness/health goals because I don’t plan ahead.

For me, it helps to know what body part I’m working out at the gym today and what exercises I want to incorporate, how many sets and reps, and if I’ll lift a little heavier. Toward the end of my workout, I’ll usually determine what type of cardio I’ll want to do. Since I do cardio after my weight training (you can use more energy for lifting + you don’t sacrifice form), I asses how I feel and then based on that feeling determine my cardio for the day (I only do cardio about 4 days a week for 20-30 minutes… weight training is usually an hour to an hour and a half on leg days *no cardio on leg days though).

I’m really loving plyos lately especially for my lower body. I did a lower body plyo cardio sesh yesterday and did one today as well. It feels great and I love them because they’re really fun! I’ve also been loving rowing (great for back + shoulders) and running the steps at my gym with 10-25 pound weights in each hand.

Planning food is also really important since I try to eat every 3 hours, I like to know what my next meal will be and if I need to prep any food before hand. Usually, I just like to have an idea of what I’m eating more than the prep. Most of my meals lately have been really easy! And creative and new (to me), which is important when you eat 5-6 meals a day… stuffs can get booooooring. Also, since I’ve been tapering my carbs throughout the day, I try to eat most of my carbs up until the afternoon. Obviously, beans and things still have carbs but I’ll eat bread with my lunch/afternoon snack instead of adding it onto my dinner. I’m very leanient though and don’t stress about it too much, just a general rule I like to give myself. Also, fruit in the AM + post workout is something I stick to as well because I find when I constantly snack on fruit, especially late at night, I wake up bloated.

Retweeking my diet a bit has really let me figure out what works best for me + helped me figure out how my body responds to certain foods so that I can achieve all my fitness goals!

So last night while lounging on the couch, I took two minutes to plan out my meals.

Simply wrote it out on a sticky note on my computer.

Doing this has taken the thinking out of wondering or thinking about what I’m going to eat.


Everything’s been on point lately.

Meal 1: pumpkin bake + 2tsp agave + 1/2 banana + protein powder & water.

Meal 2: Chickpeas + nooch + 1 tsp EVOO + fennel seed + strawberries, a clementine, and a red pepper

Meal 3: 3 slices of Food For Life brown rice bread + 2 egg whites with ketchup & a lil arugula + 1 tbsp sunflower seed butter

Meal 4: 1/2 block tofu + veggies

Meal 5: greek yogurt + 2 tblsp protein powder with water


With all these foods my protein will be up around 120g which is great if you ask me!

PS – the Food For Life brown rice bread is really good… hench the reason I ate 3 slices ;)

Do you plan ahead?

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