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January 14, 2012

a lil update.

So I got a new laptop for Christmas and ever since I’ve just been behind on blogging… or lazy. ;)

I don’t have Windows Live Writer on this one yet so when I do things should be a little more consistent over here! Anyways, basically since I’m still on break I’ve just been lounging out and really relaxing and enjoy not doing anything but I feel come school time I’m going to be hit with a shock because I’ll be forced to get in a routine and have to actually do stuff haha.

I have been working out though, still 6 days a week and usually 1.5 hours each. I’m still following Jamie’s LiveFit trainer but decided to stay in phase 2 for a bit longer to add more muscle & will go into hase 3 (to lean out) in the spring when bikini season comes. Since I’m vegetarian, it’s kind of harder, but not by very much, to put on muscle just because I don’t want to consue tofu up the wazzoo everyday, which is why I am staying in “phase 2″ for a while longer. I actually love the workouts and since I don’t want my body to plateau or get used to my workouts I usually switch up the sets/reps and I’ve been adding in lots of different new exercises to target my muscles. Youtube is great for that! I search up pro female “bodybuilders” like Amanda Latona (love her!), Ava Cowan, Erin Stern or Bree Lind and see what they’re doing and incorporate some of those moves into my workouts. I can definitely feel it the next day!

So, with that being said, I’ll be back later with some posts. I actually made a really good “mini detox salad” a week ago and have yet to post it so once I get WLW on my lappy I’ll get cha that recipe.

Off to the gym!!


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