Happy Faaaaa-riday!!!!!

I don’t why I’m so excited it’s Friday (I’m excited for you all!) because that means I’m one day closer to running 11 miles (tomorrow). Lately, I’ve been taking a ‘minimalist’ approach to exercise (my fav kind of approach). My hip has been bothering me, and since I don’t want to EFF it up anymore than it already is, I’m taking it easy and just doing my longer runs and sticking to elliptical/treadmill hill climbs for cardio. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of weights than usual and I’m lovin it! Today I made up a whole Fall workout schedule for post-half marathon training and it mainly focuses around weights so I’ll post that in a couple weeks. I love having a schedule that tells me what to do each day rather than me sit on my butt for hours and decide what to do. Also, I love being competitive with myself and have myself ‘train’ or ‘look forward’ to something. So, with running, I push myself to run longer distances, but with weights I want to lift a bit heavier + tone up my whole body. I already think I’m pretty toned, but it’s always a fun experience to see what you can take your body to and step it up a notch and out of your comfort zone!

Oh, and I want a bicep bump SOOOO BAD!!!!! I’m workin’ on it though, you just wait. I’ll be packin some SERIOUS heat.

These are my fitness magazine poses.




I got that sports bra from Aerie for $10 (on sale) and those workout pants from Forever 21 (I think only $7??). I am always looking for a steal on workout clothes because they’re so expensive, so whenever I find good deals, I snatch em up! I’m actually on the hunt for new workout clothes now so if I find any good steals and deals I’ll be sure to share. Though, by a long run, Lululemon is definitely my favorite for workout clothes (too bad they never have coupons… grrrrr).

Enough of myself, time for the AWESOMESAUCE breakfast I had this morning.


Hmm… wonder what’s inside? Oats perhaps?


NOPE! Buckwheat groats!!!

I deceived you didn’t I? I know I did, I’m just so sneaky.

I made Angela’s raw buckwheat breakfast porridge (eat it every morning) and stuck it in a too-empty WCW PB jar with a banana + topped it off with 1 tbsp pure maple syrup. This was my first ever “oats” in a jar and I am smitten. Must.consume.nut.butters.faster.

I’m considering consuming a whole jar of peanut butter so I can do this same thing tomorrow. Thinking about it now, I do have about 1/4 cup maple almond butter left… hmmmm, maybe I’ll be naughty and do that? ;)


After my breakfast, I relaxed for awhile before lacing up my sneakers for a quick run.

I wanted to sweat, but not over do it, so I just grabbed my I-pod, laced up my sneakers, and hit the pavement. I left my Garmin at home and it was SO peaceful!!! I actually love not bringing my Garmin because there’s no pressure to run faster or longer, etc. I’m going to be doing this a lot after my training ends. I love just focusing on running and the outdoors. Now-a-days, running can put so much pressure on people, I think it’s losing some of its purpose: to just relieve stress, and a way to unwind and get in a great workout!

I did 2 miles in about 20 minutes and was shweaty (just how I like it) after.

Post-run was a smooooooooothie.


That tasted like diiiiiiiiiirt.

  • lots of spinach
  • 1 c almond milk
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • 1 tsp hemp seeds
  • 1/2 scoop sunwarrior protein powder
  • mixed frozen tropical fruits

This was naaaazty! The maca powder, while incredibly healthy, just makes any smoothie STANKY! I sucked it down though because it was PACKED with nutrition. How could you just dump this down the sink?



I did some errands and then came home for an arm + back workout. I did 6 sets of 10 reps each of bicep curls and other back and arm exercises (4 exercises total). I forget what they were called but I found a video from the awesome Tone It Up girls so I just did that!

Eventually I made lunch after all my shenanigans.


Pan seared tempeh + chickpeas + millet + 1/2 an avocado + an Asian inspired sauce from Mama Pea’s cookbook (that you all need to pick up because it’s awesome!!!!)


This was GOOD and packed with the protein I need to stay satisfied. I find when I eat more protein I don’t crave as much sugaaah.

I have leftovers so I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow. ;)



Other snacks: after lunch ‘dessert’ was an apple + cinnamon + stevia (will talk about my thoughts on stevia soon) and a couple hours later I had a pick-me-up of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered powerberries (MMMMM… go buy these!).

I’m off to go eat dinner (staaa-vin; I’m making this sauce + brown rice pasta + broccoli) and then hang out around the house. Enjoy your night!

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