Gluten Free?

I woke up to a rainy world this morning, but that just means I can bust out my Teavana and sip on strong, hot tea all day! And then be so energetic I fell like I’m about to shoot off from the ground. (Funny… this reminded me of when I was on the elliptical the other day and I guess I was ballin’ out so hard my foot slipped and I nearly fell off the elliptical. LOL) I just finished my breakfast (buckwheat groats + berries + Justin’s almond butter + pure maple syrup) and now I’m watching The Today Show (part of my morning ritual).



About 2 weeks ago after a run, I found this weird sort of ‘break out’ on my stomach. It was a bunch of little pinkish bumps and I thought I had an allergic reaction to something I ate. It was all up my stomach but they were so tiny it was hard to see. However, it didn’t last long. Once I spotted it, it went away. Weird.

The next day, I got really bad stomach cramps. The kind I would get if I were on my period, which was weird because I wasn’t on it (or close to). The pain was in my stomach, too. On both sides, mainly my left and it was like a jab. I was also seriously bloated and lost my appetite. I HATE being bloated, and normally, I’m not so when I am bloated, there is something wrong.

The cramping and bloated continued on for a week while I tried to rack my brain and figure out what the heck was making me feel this way?

I thought for the longest time it was lactose intolerance, or something to do with diary, so I avoided it for a week. But after having some dairy, the pain didn’t get worse or go away so I nixed that possibility off my list.

After being so incredibly frustrated with my body and why it was doing this to me all of a sudden, I went to my trusty friend, Google (I don’t recommend this, go see your Dr!). I don’t know what made me search about gluten intolerance but once I did, everything I was experiencing seemed to be a side effect of eating gluten.

I was experiencing:

  • abdominal pain and cramping
  • bloating
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • skin rash (although mine was nothing compared to what I’d seen in pictures that you can get from eating gluten)
  • headaches and migraines (which I never get)
  • malodorous flatulence & stools (TMI, oh wells! I like to keep it real)

And all those were side effects of eating gluten.


Why would my body all of a sudden be so against everything I’d been eating for my whole life?

So, in hopes to feel like myself again, a week after I’d been experiencing some discomfort (couldn’t even go to the gym without feeling like CRAP. I didn’t even want to eat a lot [which is SO not like me] and I had no desire to exercise), I decided to give up gluten for a day and see what happens.

It wasn’t too hard, except I had to go out and buy a GF cereal to eat for breakfast that morning.



As soon as I woke up, I made myself some breakfast which was just lame GF cereal. Well, it turned out not to be so lame because I actually felt great. I didn’t feel bloated and didn’t experience stomach cramps like I had been.

FINALLY, a day without those annoying symptoms!!!! I was still bloated, but not like I was for the past week.

I went GF the whole day and low and behold, I felt fantastic and like my normal self again.

Since then (about a week from Saturday), I have been avoiding gluten, and I feel so much better. No more abdominal cramps, no bloating or headaches, no nausea, etc.



However, 2 nights ago, we went out for pizza. I thought, heck, let’s see if gluten really is the enemy. And since I am a pizza lover (can’t live without it), I just couldn’t pass up a slice. Especially from one of my favorite pizzerias! First bite, feelin’ good… finished the whole slice of pizza I got and didn’t feel too crappy.

But, when we got home I was SO incredibly tired I felt like I had just run 50 miles and my eyes were just closing on me. I felt some stomach cramps (but nothing like I had for the previous week). I looked up symptoms again and asked around, and gluten actually can make you VERY tired. Well, I was freakin’ TI-RED. It was only 6pm and I wanted to go to bed like nobody’s bizznazzz but I knew I couldn’t because then I’d be up in the wee hours of the night for falling asleep so early. I also got a bad headache along with my tiredness.


Guess I sort of know what is causing me to feel like this.

But I don’t get it… how do you go from eating gluten every day of your life and all of a sudden your body rebels against it? I eat healthily too… whole wheats, very little white flour (not that that has anything to do with it), so it made no sense to me. And I was bummed out. No more pizza? No more ‘regular’ pasta? (<— as a die-hard carb lover, I am heart broken… nothing shall replace the crunchy, crusty bread you get from the Italian store)

So, as you can imagine, I’m feeling a bit bummed out right now, but at least I feel better (which is the only thing I want – is to feel like myself). I am totally against diagnosing yourself with something without seeing a Dr. so I WILL be seeing my doctor soon.

I’m so confused??? I just want to know what the heck is going on and to what degree. And I want to know if I can still eat ‘regular’ pizza. (<— like I said, die-hard carb lover)

If in turn I do have gluten intolerance, I plan on eating more eggs (for a good protein source). I’m not a huge fan of them (never was), but I feel like if I have some sort of gluten intolerance, I will have to be making more changes in my diet (incorporating more eggs + greek yogurt is what I’m talkin’ bout adding in).

Did anyone else experience this or is experiencing this? Are you gluten intolerant or have celiac disease?

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One Comment to “Gluten Free?”

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m gluten sensetive, but I just don’t want to admit it. I deal with the same symptoms on occasion so I try to avoid gluten. Also, I’ve realized nut butters kind of do the same thing to me. Hope you get it figured out and feel better.

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