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May 22, 2011

So What Are You?

That was the question yesterday!

My friends kept asking me ‘what I was’ as in, am I vegan, veggie, or what?

I kept saying I don’t eat eggs or milk, etc and their conclusion was that I’m stricter than a vegetarian but not as strict as a vegan, therefore, I am a non-strict vegan. Baahaha. It was like a scientific process trying to figure me out LOL. I also brought along some vegan cupcakes to try and persuade them to join the ‘dark side’. ;)

I used a recipe from my Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World book that I bought a little while ago. I was going to sub in a bunch of ingredients and kind of ‘make it my own’ but I didn’t want to have any bad tasting cupcakes on the first trial since I was in a rush! I probably would’ve subbed in a flax egg, used whole wheat pastry flour, and did some extra spices, etc.



I used the basic vanilla cupcake recipe and the vegan fluffy butter cream recipe for the icing.

They came out pretty good except..


The icing melted all over!!!

I cooled the cupcakes and even froze the icing (and it firmed up a little) but the icing still ended up melting off. I guess it’s because I just used Earth Balance and no margarine?? Who knows. I do know they were good though because they all gobbled them up and kept going “mmMmmmmMMm”



Update on the spray tan:

  • I’m glad so many of you are interested in spray tans rather than artificial tanning!!! I do have to say one thing though, I would definitely go and ‘test’ it out before you go to a big event/vacation because I did notice some discoloring. It’s definitely worth the extra $$ to try it out because it could end up streaking, discolored, etc.
  • I actually woke up DARKER yesterday and chose not to shower since I didn’t want to streak. Well, throughout the day I noticed I started to get ORANGE so as soon as I got home from the beach I gave myself a good scrubbin’ in the shower and most of the color was coming off (which I was glad about). It now looks more natural and not as dark. Although, my hands look a little weird since they’re darker than the rest of me (particularly my palms and knuckles).

This was me yesterday before the beach:


I think I would now give it a 3 out of 5 stars just because I did notice I started turning a little orange.. but washing with soap + water in the shower definitely helped tone down the color and now I feel more comfortable.

The beach was so much fun! We got lucky and it was a gorgeous day out. About 70* with a slight breeze. I didn’t get sun burnt but more like sun kissed. Oh, and the ocean water was FA-REEEZZING but my friends decided to go in it anyways. Doh.



The water was a perfect shade of light, crystal clear blue today! It’s usually never like that here in NJ so I was super duper happy. :D


Yay for sand!

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with sand?

Love when it’s nice and warm and not windy and doesn’t get in all my hair and bathing suit.

Hate when it’s super hot and windy and gets ALL over me.







Yeah, I was the darkness x100.


Sun starting to set.




We didn’t do any rides but we walked up and down the pier about twice (such a looong walk) which was nice because I got some exercise in! We also ate at a sushi place for dinner and I just got steamed veg + brown rice. We also got Polish Water Ice which is like creamy Italian ice. I looove it! It has no dairy or anything so I was pleased. Oh, and I ate some chocolate too throughout the day, but that goes without saying. ;)

Breakfast this morning was some PPO’s.


(PPO’s = pumpkin pie oats)

Love me some PPO’s!

Since I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately, I want to try and eat some more NEW (new meals help spice up my life!) and energizing meals this week. Here’s some meals that I’m planning on making:

Those are a few things that I’m planning on making and I’m sure I’ll find random odds and ends to make too! I desperately need to stock up on almond milk + a few other staples (hello, Trader Joe’s) so I’m sure when I’m shopping a certain meal idea will pop into my head. I also need to make some more interesting snacks for grab-and-go energy.

What’s some meals you want to make this week? Anything looking particularly good?!

Have a great Sunday friends!


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