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May 15, 2011

Soon To Be A Fuji Mama

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Yesterday we went into Cape May for a little retail therapy + lunch. ;)





I love Cape May, especially because of all the old Victorian homes. They are taken care of so well and most of them were built in the 1800’s!






It’s such a cute little romantic town. We went into a few stores including a cooking store where I picked up some apple cinnamon jelly (YUM!) and a cute little carrot dish.

After walkin’ up a appetite, I headed over to my favorite smooth place EVA!



It’s the cutest place ever and I died and went to heaven when I discovered it. It’s behind all the shopping stores so I had no idea it was there but when I found it, I was smitten. I love finding little hidden treasures! I found this cute little store a year ago and since then have only been there twice (they close in the Winter).

I was so so happy to finally be reunited!


They have lots of smoothies and also offer sandwiches (vegan and vegetarian) and other all-natural goodies.

I got the berry blast smoothie (mixed berries: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc that is sweetened with a little local honey). I love that everything is all natural and wholesome, perfect for reenergizing during a hot summer day.

I also got some salt and vinegar pop chips (love) and a vegan sandwich that seemed to be on a flax/focaccia type of bread with cucumber, roasted red peppers, black olive spread, and hummus. My FAV sammie! I’ll be getting one to-go today for lunch later. ;)




Pretty impressive stats!



This sandwich was soooo tiny! It’s about an inch wide but maybe 10 inches long? It was the perfect size for a starving girl like me. :mrgreen:


After refueling, we headed out for a bit more shopping.

Down at the shore, lots of people have bikes and cruise around on them for exercise. It is so effortless to get a workout because the sights are beautiful and it’s much easier to do than gear up for a run. All you do is hop on your bike and cruise around!

After talking with my mom, we decided it’d be fun for me to get a cruiser for down here in the summer!!!! I absolutely love biking around so I’m super duper excited to get my cruiser.

We hit up a local bike shop to see their selection.


They didn’t have too many cruisers on display but the nice man gave us a few book brochures to look at and he said he could order one for me and have it in by next week!

I looked through most of the magazines but my heart was stolen by the Fuji Sanibel DX.

I’m now stuck between these two:






I reaaally love the mint/white bike but once I saw the green/yellow one I was caught in a pickle!

I see a lot of pink cruisers down here (and in general) so I don’t want something that everyone else has. I haven’t seen one of these down here so I think it’s the perfect bike design for me. I love to be unique. :)

So help me out, which one should I get!?!?!?

When my bike arrives, I’ll be buying a basket and putting it on front by the handlebars and I’ll probably tie a few colorful ribbons around it for an extra pop of color. I’m SOOO excited. :D

Afternoon snacks included watermelon + margaritas + CHOCOLATE (unpictured)!


I didn’t want to sit on my butt all day so I decided to go for a bike ride on my brothers bike. I needed to move my legs!

Meet the beast:


Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaa. ;)

I strapped on my Garmin and got bikin’!


I was so excited to finally use my Garmin on the biking setting rather than the running one.

I rode up to the bike path (about 1 mile from my house):


Views from the path:


If you can see the pier below, me and my mom did yoga on that last summer in an early AM class. It was so relaxing! ..and HOT!


Rode all the way up to the boardwalk (where the path stops) and turned around and looped back home:


I was shocked to find out that from my house to the end of the bike path was only about 2 miles!!! I thought it would be at least 3. I can sense a new running route. ;)


I have no clue if that’s fast for about 4 miles or slow?? Any bikers know??


I had my resistance up on 7 to get an extra leg workout in. It was a nice little bike ride!

The rest of my night was spent relaxing, eating dinner at Lucky Bones (again), and we went on the boardwalk for a little.

I woke up this morning needing some nourishment so I had one of these:


Sort of like a green monster in a bottle! I pictured this up at the grocery store for a quick bfast since we don’t have too much to eat here (need to stock up for summer).

It was soooo good. My only issue with it is that it has a lot of sugars (although all natural) in it (non added, but still a lot). Check out what’s inside:



Officially reenergized but craving a little exercise. I miss endorphins!

It’s rainy here so we’ll see if I can squeeze in a little bike ride before we leave to go back home. I’m hoping I can get a little sweat in. :)

Enjoy your Sunday!


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