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May 14, 2011

At the Beach and Seriously Never Leaving

Good morning!

Great post title right? Very creative ;)

Being down here and hearing the ocean and waves roll in is the most calming thing I’ve ever experienced and I need it now more than ever. I am just the girl who loves to be in serene, calm, and peaceful places and I feel so balanced when I find places like that. I guess since I’m a Libra I strive for balance. ;) Quite true..

Breakfast this morning was simple since I don’t have all the groceries down here as I do at home. No biggie!


Vegan organic granola bar crumbled in squares (because squares are more fun) + fruit + organic green tea.

For some reason I couldn’t finish all the fruit. Dare I say it was too sweet that early in the morning? I do.



What I woke up to:


Sort of cloudy but I’ll take it, better than rain!

Rewind to yesterday:

I had another great workout! Whenever I have really good powerful workouts I just want to get out there everyday and just pound out a good run. It’s a cycle, my friends. I felt so powerful during my workout and lately, I’m loving speed workouts. They’re so fun and go by much faster than longer runs. You also get really sweaty which I love.

I did this workout but cut it short at 35 mins instead of 60 and made up a new playlist called ‘energy’ so I wouldn’t get bored. My absolute biggest problem with working out is when I have crappy songs that are overplayed. I will never get in the groove if my music sucks. True life.


<3 this playlist! It rocks. And don’t hate on Led Zeppelin, freakin’ awesome running music, switches it up from the usual pop music. And I feel like a badass.

Came home and was starving my BUTT OFF! In case you’re wondering, my pumpkin vanilla spice protein VOO kept me full for a good 4+ hours and that’s hard to do with VOO!

So I made ‘zah. Because I am a gourmet chef and that’s how I roll!


Looks good right?


Tastes even better than it looks!


Chickp’zah with Parmesan Cheeze

  • 1 cup chickpeas
  • 1 cup marinara sauce
  • 1/2 tsp oregano
  • sprinkle with Parmesan Cheeze (below)

Directions: Combine chickpeas, marinara sauce and oregano and microwave for 2 min and 30 sec, be careful because the chickpeas can pop! Take out, sprinkle with parmesean cheeze and serve!

I used this marinara sauce and it really tasted like my fav pizza restaurants sauce!



Parmesan Cheeze

  • 1/2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tbsp seseame seeds
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder

Directions: Combine all ingredients and give it a quick whisk.

*This serves one generous portion but if you’re serving two people, just double the ingredients. Very simple!

Eaaaasy! You could using this parmesan as a topping for pastas, veggies, or just about anything. What about savory oats?? So trying that!


Mmmm this lunch was SO GOOD! It literally tasted like I was eating pizza. Healthy pizza though! And protein packed, too.

The Parmesan Cheeze doesn’t taste exactly like real parm (and trust me, I know my cheeses) but it does taste really good.



After refueling, we drove the 126 miles to get to our beach casa.





If you look closely, you’ll see our plastic beheaded owl. LOL.

It’s supposed to help keep the birds away! (Obviously not anymore though since it’s beheaded..hahaha)

We left around 3 so when we got down at about 5 we were staaaarving.


We hit up Lucky Bones which is a really chill restaurant with pizzas, salads, burgers, sandwiches, you name it.

It’s usually always packed though so we don’t go there too often but when we do it’s a special treat! It’s so so good.


I got a large pelican salad.

That picture doesn’t do that salad any justice. It is DELICIOUS. One of my all time favorite salads. And it was the size of my head. I know, looks very tiny, but trust me, it was ginourmous.


Veggie burg for dinna!

This was a really creative way to serve it. They had it on a moist focaccia like bread with roasted veggies (tomatoes, butternut squash, artichokes).

I ate the whole burger + a couple french fries (gave them to my begging sister who is a french fry monster).

Oh, and the pickle too. Duh! I am the pickle monster. Challenge me to a pickle eating contest and I will win. Bring it!

We went to the grocery store, played arcade games, mini-golf, got ice cream (I just ate chocolate chips hah, can you say PMS??), and got booze!


Have you met the Skinnygirl margarita??? It is the only alcoholic beverage (besides red wine) that I can stand and enjoy. It’s SO delicious and refreshing! And Bethenny Frankel makes it and she’s just freakin’ awesome. If you can find some of this, buy it! It’s totally worth it. It’s low calorie (37 cals per 1 ounce, so about 100  a drink?) and it’s all natural. Love love love.

I’m off to shower, explore Cape May, and get some type of exercise in (beach walking, biking, running??, etc). See ya!


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