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February 21, 2011

Round One Hundred + Bob 2.0

Just when I thought Spring was around the corner I woke up to round one hundred of snow.

It’s hard to begin to love the snow again especially when it was 70* just a few days ago! I do love snow though so I’ll have to get in my snow-lovin’ mode ;). I was looking forward to runs outside, seeing grass, and going to the beach. Oh well, what can ya do?!

This is what I saw upon waking…

It does look pretty but I really can’t say I didn’t miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first one to jump up and down at the first sight of a snowflake but when you’re teased with warm weather, there’s no way you’re willing to accept snow again!

On the bright side, I did create 12 recipes yesterday so stay tuned for those! I’m so excited to share my recipes with you all! I get such a rush out of making, cooking, baking, creating, and blogging my recipes and finds for you all. I have a passion for food and health and I hope by blogging about my healthy lifestyle and recipes, you’ll all be inspired to get creative in the kitchen and realize wholesome foods can be delicious and healthy at the same time!

Also, I think it’s time to finally show you what hangs out on our porch… are you ready? I don’t think you are. Let me first state, my dad got this at a cigar shop (he’s a cigar fanatic) and when my dad wants something for himself, he will buy it. Regardless of whether or not my mom wants a huge wooden Native American just chillin’ outside our house. It does scare away some people though haha. I swear we don’t live in the boon docks either and we are totally normal

Yup, that’s a 5’7 wooden Native American just chillin’ outside our urban house. I’ll call him Bob 2.0 (my dad’s name is Bob) from now on. We also have a mini wooden Indian hangin’ around our house and a wooden bear that is by our fire place. They’re pretty cool huh!? (don’t roll your eyes at me ;)!) To say my dad likes inatimate wooden objects would be an understatement. I think since his dad used to live in Idaho he might get comfort from these sort of things. Or he just likes them… a lot. My dad says I’m “shot” and “I’ve lost it” oh, and “you’re crazy” for taking pictures of food in a lightbox so it evens out ;). Now you know where I get my crazy, quirky, odd behavior from. It’s in these fine genes of mine. (note: to add to my oddness, I’m an avid Rod Stewart listener. Betcha didn’t know that! I love his music. And the Rolling Stones! I’ve seen them live in concert twice. They’re amazing. Mick Jagger kicks ass on stage. If you can ever see them (they’re ancient by now so I don’t know if they tour anymore) do it.)

Is this still a food blog? I’m rambling about 70’s music, lightboxes, and wooden objects.

Onto breakfast before I lose my mind on y’all.

Of course I had hazelnut coffee + a splash or two of almond milk + a tsp of raw sugar in a Hawaiian inspired mug. I used to load my coffees and teas with fake artificial sugar. Now I only use real sugar, and raw sugar is ideal for me. It’s less processed than the white stuff. But I do what I can with what’s around! I will never stoop down to the fake sugar level ever again. I’d rather have black coffee than pump it up with fake sugars. I also never put milk/sugar in my hot teas. I think it tastes gross and I love the simple pure taste plain tea has to offer. If I drink iced tea, I might a little sugar here and there.

I also had a glass of lemon water to detox that liver!

PUMPKIN PIE OATS! Yessssssssss. I am in love with these. It’s an addiction and I’m embracing this addiction full force.

In this batch: 1/3 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, big scoop of 1/3 cup of pumpkin, fresh ground flax, pure maple syrup, spices, crushed walnuts, and vanilla extract. I love adding almond milk ontop and getting some in each spoonful like cereal. So good!

Pumpkin also bulks up oatmeal in crazy ways. You go from getting a tiny amount of oats to a huge bowl of oats! And 1/2 cup of pumpkin is only 40 calories. Amazing.

Check out these stats:


Look at all that Vitamin A!!! I’d call pumpkin a super food in my eyes. ;)

I also added some crushed walnuts for omegas! Even my flax offered some omegas. Sheesh, this is a magical bowl of oatmeal.

Later on today, we’re going to our favorite pizza place in NYC: Lombardi’s! It’s the first pizzeria in the country and dang is it ever so good. Their salad is freakin’ amazing too *drool*.

I’ll be taking pictures and doing a little review for y’all so if you’re ever in the NYC area you know where to head for the best pizza! There’s no competition, seriously. Sorry to ruin your pizza dreams but this place is the best in the country.

See you later on tonight with pictures of pizza that will have you drooling for days.

And in case you missed anything:


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