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February 17, 2011

Adventures With A Lightbox


This morning for breakfast I had a deeeelicious bowl of pumpkin pie oatmeal. It really never gets old.

This is probably one of my favorite bowls of oatmeal ever.

You know you want a bite ;).

Last night at 7:00 p.m. I set out to Home Depot to gather up my goodies to make a lightbox. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while and since I have a week off from my classes now seemed like the perfect time to do it!

An hour later (me + Home Depot = tragic horror scene. I couldn’t find anything and help was no where in sight. Very scary. But needless to say, I’m safe home now away from all the hammers and nails *chills*) I arrived home and began to make my lightbox! I was beaming (or should I say shining) with excitement.

This picture was taken during the first stages of production ;). I was determined to make this lightbox PERFECT-O! (P.S. – like my rainbow socks? :D)

After cutting out the rectangles I channeled my Mr. Roboto…

A girls gotta have some fun!

Also, try to make sure your dog doesn’t begin to devour his crumbly bone on your white tablecloth that you intend on using for your lightbox.

Eventually, Chippy got tired and buried himself in the tablecloth scraps…

Hehehe. Lights out for Chippy!

I’m guessing he doesn’t like the 100 Watt light bulbs ;).

This is the disaster I made in our porch. Sorry mom, I know how much you’re going to love looking at this eye sore while drinking your morning coffee and watching the news. Love, Julie.

There should be a light over top of the box (which is laying on the chair) but I couldn’t find a high enough chair and I kinda liked my photos without the light on top. Don’t you get any ideas now either, that ain’t my American Girl Doll! …maybe.

Behind the scenes of Julie’s lightbox set-up! Don’t you just love those cords laying all over the floor!?

Here’s a few pictures I took… I love love love the way my photos turned out from using the lightbox!

I still need to find a better fitting white background because sometimes the cardboard shows through. Any suggestions?

Oops, stem broke :).

I love jam!

The only object I want to be associating with with the word “nails” in it are these… 

From now on, I’ll stick to nail salons. Sorry Home Depot.



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