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February 5, 2011

Flying A Plane

Last night while picking up my brother from school something struck my mind while driving past the airport…one of my fears is to fly a plane!

It scares the bajeebees out of me! You may think I am losing my mind but I have my reasons.

  • looking out over the vast EARTH!!! Uh, hello, I don’t know about you but controlling something so big and so high in the air and looking down and seeing the pretty, but scary height from which you’re flying at scares the CRAP out of me!
  • who would want to fly in the snow?
  • why the heck would ANYONE want to fly over the ocean?

Now I’m not talking about being the passenger, I’m talkin’ controllin’ the dang thing. GAH! Just really scares me haha.

However, I have flown in a B-17 World War 2 fighter plane and STUCK MY HEAD OUT THE ROOF WHILE FLYING OVER THE OCEAN!


Seriously amazing. Incredible experience to stick your head out of the roof of an airplane and peer over the tail end of a fighter plane. Nothing like it.

Oh, did I mention that when you take off you’re sitting on the steel floor? Yup, and your seatbelt also resembles something a 5 year old would make.

I also sat in the nose of the plane that is CLEAR GLASS and peered out over the entire ocean. I have to say, it was beautiful…

Definitely an experience I will never forget.

Now onto something way less scary but nonetheless delicious ;)

Pumpkin pie vegan overnight oats! I don’t care if Fall was 4 months ago, these rock my world!


With some cawfee (gots to say it in my Joisey accent, right?! *fist pumps*…kidding!)

These are such a great start to my day and keep my full for hours. I like them more than hot oats because they don’t weigh me down as much as hot oats would. They’re also super easy to prepare and my breakfast prep time in the morning is nada!

I’m off to do some yoga and then check out some gyms with a friend of mine! I’m so excited :D I can’t wait to start attending classes at a gym wooop! Tomorrow I’m also going to attempt to run on the treadmill since my G is feeling better YAY!

What is one job that you fear of ever doing?

Mine is definitely either a) flying a plane or b) cleaning windows on skyscrapers.

I’ll be baaach (said in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).


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