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February 21, 2011

126 Miles

…to the beach. (If you’re sensitive to seeing to beach in the midst of a chilly, snowy winter and yearn for the hot sun and sand between your toes, read no further. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya ;)!)

It all starts out at mile 126.

Here’s a little “journal” that I kept of my thoughts on the 2 hour drive down to our house.

Mile 126:

Bridge number 1. Eatin’ a banana nut vita top + water. Listening to my sister and her friend giggle to Up. Only 126 miles to the beach…

Mile 125:

Are we there yet?

Mile 118:

Admiring the beautiful blue sky and watching airplanes defy gravity (how Galileo of me, haha). I’m amused with technology and science. I’m really a nerd, I wont lie. My favorite television channels are National Geographic, Discovery channel, History Channel, Science channel, and the network that kills brain cells daily, Bravo.

Mile 112:

Sister is making obnoxious noises with a mint.

Mile 82:

Photo shoot is ensued.

Told ya I was a goof.

“Smizing” (aka smiling with your eyes) as Tyra would say…

Mile 51:

I spy with my little eye, water! And I’m craving chocolate peanut butter.

Mile 43:

Reading through my Runner’s World magazine.

Mile 38:

Driving by Atlantic City and wishing I was going gambling…alone…without my parents…and without my obnoxious 11-year-old sister.

Mile 27:

Almost there!! I can smell the ocean water…

Mile 10:

Mom excitedly states, “pretty soon it’ll start to smell like sea farts!” What the… ? *seriously wishing I were in Atlantic City now*

Mile 0:

We arrived!!!!!!!!!!

Huuuuge fishing boats. It’s like Deadliest Catch up in here! (oh jeeze, here I go with my Discovery channel references…bear with me folks.)

Above is a bay side view of the island.

The Atlantic Ocean + beach! :D

My room…



I love the back splash. It’s pretty little illuminated tiles.

This is my home. I belong by the ocean.

Once we arrived, tea, snacks, and wine was consumed between my mom and me. My sneaky sister and her friend also pretended to “find” these beautiful shells on the beach…

We believed them for a whole day. They lied though and just took them out of the displays in our house lol.

They also found this little critter.

A horseshoe crab shell! *runs and hides*

We then went out to dinner but my camera died so I couldn’t take pictures! But it was delicious, know that ;). And Ben & Jerry’s followed dinner so you know my belly was happy.

That morning I woke up to the beautiful beach and sun beaming over the ocean.

View from my room…

I was going to blog but then my pictures wouldn’t transfer to my computer (insert angry Julie) so I instead posted my cinnamon sugar swirl cookies (MMM!) which is why you’re getting this post now but who doesn’t want to see pretty beach pictures?! I also became frustrated because the internet wouldn’t work… uh, hello, Earth to Julie, it would help if you actually plugged the internet in.


I had a piece of toast with cinnamon and a drizzle of pure maple syrup (it was 6-month old bread sitting in the fridge. Thanks for warning me, mom!) It tasted good, almost like a quick French toast, but since the bread was from the Messazoah Era, I’m sure I’ll be feeling it later (edit: I never felt sick, yahoo for a stomach of steel! OUUURAH!).

About an hour after I ate my toast that came from the fridge archives, we went to Cape May for breakfast at my favorite place ever – The Blue Pig! :D The Blue Pig is a restaurant in Congress Hall which was built in 1816 and is now a hotel! The reason I ate a little something before actual breakfast is because I refuse to not eat first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up. I am a firm believer in eating breakfast once you wake up.

Check out these cupcakes + cute lil blue pigs… major drool action. I almost skipped breakfast and camped out with a cupcake.

I got my usual…

Hot Tea (because even though we’re down the shore it’s still like being in the arctic!)

I love the way the color from the tea started to diffuse and stain the water. So pretty.

Oatmeal + golden raisins + sprinkle of brown sugar + a lil grape jelly.

Thinking about it now, that’s definitely more than a sprinkle of brown sugar LOL.

Then we walked around Cape May and I got… take a wild guess… CHOCOLATE! At 11 a.m. Don’t judge me ;).

It’s so much prettier in the Summer when there tree’s are all green, the flowers have bloomed, the fountains are spewing water, and when you can eat outside.

I had a homemade dark chocolate covered marshmallow, 2 nonpareil (mini milk chocolates covered in rainbow sprinkles), a tiny piece of homemade nut fudge, and a thin mint. They totally hit the spot. I was in the midst of a deep chocolate crave so I was thanking the chocolate heavens that a place was open!

Since Cape May is pretty much shut down for the season we ended our shopping trip abruptly. Plus it was fa-reeezing out there and this chica can’t bear the cold too long!

I had a great time just being by the ocean. It’s so calming and peaceful. It eases my nerves and de-stresses me instantly. Nature has amazing therapeutic effects on people.

Then we drove the 126 miles back to our house. I can’t wait to come back when it’s Summer :).


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