Favorite Posts:

How To Keep Organized With Blogging

Food Allergy’s: My Story

Newport Liberty Half Marathon (my first half marathon!!)

The Tanning Obsession: Who’s Behind it?

The Hair Questionnaire

Why You’re Not Putting On Muscle & Getting Tone

How I Got Back To Feeling Like Julie (how I deal with snacking + tips to not go overboard)

Food Blogging: Photography Tips For Beginners

How I Keep My Booty Lookin’ Good

Maintaining Long Run Endurance Without Excessively Running

Trail Walking In The Vibram’s + Barefoot Running

Vacation Eats: Dealing With Moderation

Staying Healthy: Making The Most Out Of A Sticky Situation

What I Pack To Stay Healthy On Vacation

How To Spice Up A Restaurant Salad

My Essentials: What I Keep Stocked In My Pantry/Fridge

Favorite Places:

Below are some of my favorite places to enjoy delicious food or indulge in my sweet tooth!

Bubble Tea

Lombardi’s Pizzeria: NYC

Doris and Ed’s

The Cinnamon Snail

Hummus Bar

Gardening 101:

During the Summer of 2011, I decided to start growing my own fruit & vegetable garden! I hope I can show you all how easy, simple and attainable it is to grow your own organic produce!

Setting Up A Bird Feeder

Plating Your Own Seeds In Preparation To Be Planted Outside

Setting Up A Raised Garden Bed

My Garden: What I Learned/My Plan For the Next Season

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