Blog Questions

Why did you start a blog?

After years of having a constant back and forth relationship with food, I have finally found a healthy balance. I’m documenting my life through delicious healthy foods that power me through any challenge life throws at me! I hope I can encourage others to embrace a healthy lifestyle while still indulging in their sweet tooth!

When did you start Shining From Within?

I started my blog on December 22, 2010.

What influenced you to start your own blog?

I began reading blogs in the Summer of 2010. I first stumbled across Oh She Glows and then a bunch of other blogs soon after that! I became so inspired from other people that I wanted to give back to others what I have gotten from other blogs. I love to write about health, fitness, and food so it’s truly a blessing that I’ve been able to start a blog.

Exercise Questions

How often do you exercise?

I try to aim for 7 days a week. However, I usually end up working out 5 days a week depending on my schedule and how I feel!

What type of exercise do you enjoy?

I love love love to run! It’s such a great way to clear your mind and soothe your soul. After being so wrapped up in the idea that exercising is solely for the purpose of burning calories, I realized exercising can be fun! I also enjoy just being out in nature and breathing fresh air and capturing the Earth’s beauty with my own two eyes. Biking, swimming, walking on the beach, hiking, jump roping, skating, and yoga are also different forms of exercise that I love.

Can you offer me any health or exercise advice?

Unfortunately, no I cannot. While I base my information off of personal experiences and things I have read, I am not a personal trainer or Registered Dietitian. You should always consult your doctor before committing to any health/exercise routines.

Lifestyle & Food Questions

Why did you become a vegetarian?

After years of never truly enjoying meat I decided to experiment with becoming a vegetarian. On September 26, 2010, during my birthday weekend, I decided to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle. I love animals and the environment and my love for these things outweighs my desire to eat meat. I have also experienced better overall health. It was something I only intended on experimenting with, but after a few months I realized I truly love being a vegetarian. It is also overwhelmingly fulfilling to know that I am eating the energy of the Earth and not something that has suffered for my pleasure.

Have you considered being vegan?

Yes, I have. However, I really do enjoy cheese. I know this may sound selfish but it is just not something I’m willing to live without just yet. Life is too short to live without the things you truly love. I do limit my consumption of dairy related products though. I drink almond milk, rarely eat eggs, and limit my cheese consumption.

Why do most of your recipes serve only one person?

I usually just cook for myself because no one else in my house eats the food that I eat and I’m the only vegetarian. Of course, when I do make dinner they’ll eat it but I’m usually the only one eating the food I make. However, they do love my baked goods! You can easily change my recipes to serve 2 or 3, etc.!

Where do you buy most of your health foods like chia seeds, nutritional yeast, and flax seed?

I usually check out my local supermarket first, Stop N Shop, to see if they have any ingredients I am looking for. Generally, I only go down the health food isle to look. If they don’t offer a particular product, I’ll go to Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s and if I still can’t find what I’m looking for I’ll go to my local health food store because they carry everything healthy under the sun!

What do you typically eat in a day?

Breakfast is usually always oats whether they are overnight oats or hot oats. During the warmer months I enjoy overnight oats more though because they’re nice and cold! My favorite oats are my strawberry shortcake vegan overnight oats. Lunch is either leftovers from dinner, a salad, or a sandwich (I love paninis). Most of my lunches are anything that can be found on my recipe page or recipes that I’ve seen from other blogs! Dinner usually involves something new – a new pasta dish, salad, etc. I love to mix up my dinners and they are always incorporating a new food or recipe! I snack a lot throughout the day on cookie dough balls or lots of fruits that I’ll occasionally pair with nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter). Each day is different, so depending on my mood I may eat more or less, or snack more or less. It all depends on the day! You can also catch a glimpse of what I eat in a normal day here, here, here, and here.

School Questions

What do you do during the day?

I’m a student at a local community college! After realizing that engineering is not for me, I switched careers and let go of my dream of attending a top engineering school that I was accepted to to find my true passion in life. I hope that I can inspire others to take a leap of faith in their lives and hopefully find what truly fulfills them.

What is your current major?

I’m currently a Business Administration major. Whether or not I’ll graduate as a business major is beyond me. Right now, I’m experimenting with different career’s and finding what makes me happy.

What do you plan to do in the future?

As of now, I plan to work for my family business which is why majoring in business would be ideal for me. I also hope to continue to share my passion for food, health, and writing on my blog!

Personal Questions

Why is your hair so long?

After cutting off all my hair in 8th grade I have vowed to never cut my hair that short ever again. And 5 years later, my hair is still long. While I will never cut my hair short again, I do plan on donating it to Locks of Love once it gets longer. I want my hair to grow out even longer because when I cut it I still want to have long hair.

Do you dye your hair?

Nope! I have never dyed my hair…and never will!

How old are you?

I’m 19 years young (but I still feel so young at heart)!

How tall are you?

I’m 5’5.

How much do you weigh?

I’m a size beautiful. Self love should come from within; a scale shouldn’t justify your self-love. A scale doesn’t measure self-worth, how awesome you are for running a mile, or how hard of a worker you are. Women need to love themselves for who they are!

What kind of dog do you have?

We have a Shiba Inu! He’s such a great dog and so playful and totally easy on the eyes – too cute!

What’s your favorite nut butter?

Definitely White Chocolate Wonderful by PB&Co.

What’s your favorite color?

I love all colors! Maybe pink or yellow – really just anything cheerful though!

3 Comments to “FAQs”

  1. Pink and yellow are my favorite colors, too. They’re actually my wedding colors! I really enjoyed reading your FAQ page!

  2. i love your answer to the weight question… couldn’t of wrote a better answer myself!

  3. I think it’s so rude when ppl ask your weight. they might as well ask how many sexual partners you’ve had as well. Oh and amazon you can get bulk items for awesome prices. I so heart amazon. :)

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