exciting news + what I ate today!


Lately (well, for about a few days now) I’ve been eating more fruits and sort of “simplifying” my diet and making things more suitable to my hunger needs, not just eating lots of food to eat it. I do eat every 3-4 hours though but have been taking it easier on my body and digestive system but not going as protein/carb heavy.

So here’s what I ate today:

  • meal 1: egg sandwich (2 pieces of light brown rice toast + 1 egg and one egg white with chipotle hot sauce) + about 2 cups of watermelon cubes
  • meal 2: 1 banana + fruit salad + 2 almond butter energy bites (made with almond butter, unsweetened shredded coconut, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla extract, brown rice protein powder, enjoy life chocolate chips)
  • meal 3: Smoothie King Acai Apple smoothie (I was out and grabbed this for a quick snack)
  • meal 4: edamame + a salad with organic mixed greens, organic part-skim mozzarella cheese, onion, Newman’s dressing …oh and I just had a bowl of puffed brown rice.
  • meal 5: we’re going out to eat so I’ll probably be having tilapia + some veggies

I’ve been loving this switch up lately. It’s giving my body a little break from digesting hard foods like lots of proteins, etc.

Also, if I don’t have an egg sandwich for lunch I’ll make it a meal 3 (lunch). And I’ll do oats for breakfast too. Also, for meal 2, I have greek yogurt (Chobani strawberry flavor or Fage) with hemp seeds but I was all out.

Annnnnnnd for the exciting news!!!!

I’m starting a new blog! It’s going to be fitness centered with clean, wholesome foods recipes that will make you lean and sexy. I’m so excited! Also, lots more videos!

Smile More on that soon <3

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