egg white oats.

Since it’s summer and all, I’ve been tryyyying to make a conscious effort to eat a *little* more clean. Ya know, like taper my carbs toward the end of the night and stuff like that. I usually am successful 4-5 days of the week but there’s times when I’m just like ugh, really, who cares?! And I’ll make gluten free pasta or eat whatever the eff else I am craving, but I always try to keep it lean, and more importantly, clean, wholesome foods. That’s not to say that I haven’t been enjoying delicious Italian bread with REAL butter, frozen yogurt, bites of white pasta, french fries, chips, etc. Life wouldn’t be enjoyable, to me, if I didn’t “allow” myself to have some fun once and a while!

So what I’m trying to say is, I’ve been doing simple little things that will keep me bikini ready. Like more protein, fruits, salads & protein, carbs at the right time and enjoying treats in the form of peanut butter bites.

Also, something new I tried this morning was adding in liquid egg whites into my oats.

Ok, I thought, this is gonna taste great! People all over blog world say, “oh you can’t taste it at all, it’s sooooo creamy.” <—Seriously, what planet do you live on??? Egg whites in oats = nazty.

I may have put too much (1/4c?) but that’s honestly not a lot. Maybe next time I’ll add a tablespoon? But then what’s the point ya know? I’ve been wanting to get more protein in for my breakfast meal in forms other than protein powder and this didn’t work so back to square numero uno. And I can’t do savory in the morning. Blech.

So, yea, the texture was NOT creamy, and it tasted prettttty bad. I scoffed it down anyways and got it over with because I a) didn’t want to waste it and b) was too lazy to get up and make another bowl without egg whites.

Also, I could taste the egg whites (kind of a duh moment) but I don’t really like the taste of egg whites (except when doused in ketchup or stir fried with a veggie burger or something).

Lesson learned.

Won’t be doing that again!

Or maybe I’ll try a breakfast bake instead? I’ll report back. I do like protein pancakes in the morning though, but I’m trying to incorporate oats into my breakfasts more often than no and my protein pancakes usually don’t have oats in them so maybe I’ll start using oat flour? I’m a mess.

Oh yeah, and changing my macros to higher fats did not work well. My body bloated up like CRAZY and I couldn’t stand it. I do better with a balance of all 3 macros (carbs, protein, fats) as opposed to one or more macros taking the load of my calories.

Onto things I have been eating & enjoying:

download (1)

Smoothies with berries, OJ and protein powder. Also, acai smoothies with banana + protein powder <—soooo refreshing!

download (2)

Salt ‘n peppa pistachios.

download (3)

Aloe!!!!!! I got this at Trader Joe’s and stupidly only bought one thinking I wouldn’t like it. Well, I LOVE it. Must buy more. And I don’t think it was too expensive either (for organic aloe). It almost reminds me of bubble tea, if you’ve ever had that. It also has a subtle grape flour that is so refreshing. The ingredients include a little grape juice so duh, that’s probably why.


One of my favorite Trader Joe’s salad.


BETTER (and healthier) than Nutella! I stuffed this in my mouth the other day while running errands. I was busy and knew I’d be hungry soon so rather than starving, I squeezed this nectar of the God’s into my mouth to fuel me until my next meal.


Needs no explanation. Ate this entire bag in less than 24 hours.


Chia pudding! I made this yesterday before my workout and paired it with a greek yogurt with a lil GF cereal. It helped me bust out a great leg workout (see my leg workout here). This had 2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4c almond milk, cinnamon & vanilla extract topped with strawberries, unsweetened shredded coconut and honey.

Purchase of the Week


Along with all the watermelon and fruit I’ve been eating (my favorite part of Summer = all the fresh fruit), I ate this Energy Bomb! before my workout last week. DEFINITELY gave me an energy boost. I was bouncing everywhere (more so than when I have coffee). It has guarana in it and some other natural caffeine sources. It’s gluten free, raw and vegan and tastes pretty good! I would definitely buy it again for when you hit a slump or need some fuel before a workout.

Rating: StarStarStarStar (4/5 stars)

Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars was because the flavor could have been more brownie like. But maybe I’m just a tough critic. Winking smile

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