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May 30, 2012

I’m alive!!!


I was in such a blogging funk and just decided to take a little time off and refresh.

I missed spewing my random thoughts to random people on the internet. Winking smile

Anyways, not sure where I’m going with this post but ill first post a few pics…


Still so darn cutttttte.



I’ve been really focusing on my nutrition and workouts lately and I think all my hard work is starting to pay off/show! I still have a long ways to go and this picture was taken after I worked out my shoulders which makes them look a lot more “puffed”. Soon I hope to always walk around with my shoulders looking this jacked but one day at a time right? Either way, I’m enjoying the journey which matters the most. You need to do what you love and if you don’t enjoy the way you’re working out or exercising, then CHANGE IT UP! Everyone benefits from many, many different types of exercises. I used to think running was the only way I could stay in shape but now I’ve realized how much I freakin’ love weights. And I realize how much I haaaate cardio.


I’ve also been enjoying just relaxing on the beach and spending time with my family and Sean. Sometimes it’s good to just step away from the computer and do things at your own pace and not feel like you have to blog or do this or that every five seconds. Everyone has at least five minutes in their day to find their own relaxation.

I also got some new supps that I’m loving!


I bought this BCAA powder off It’s Scivation Xtend brand and I LOVE it! Best tasting BCAA powder. I drink it during my workouts. I bought the green apple flavor and love it so much. Next time I want to try out watermelon or blue raspberry.


I also switched protein powders and am now using Muscle Pharm Combat Powder. Me and Sean got the chocolate peanut butter and vanilla flavors and share them and I really like this protein powder, it tastes great and I’ve been adding it to my protein pancakes every morning.


Another thing I’ve tried out is BSN’s N.O. Explode. Sean bought this and so I tried it before my workout. It tastes okay and I did feel a little jolt of energy but nothing so significant that I think I will be taking it very often. I try to limit my caffeine intake and I’m not really soooo tired before my workouts that I need this.

I hope to be blogging more often, hopefully 2-3 times per week. I also want to blog some of my clean, healthy recipes so stay tuned!!


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