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April 6, 2012

my supplement stack.

Can you believe it’s April already??

I feel like yesterday it was January and I was dreading winter and now it’s spring. Thumbs up

I thought I’d show you all today what is in my supplement stack.. aka what I supplement my diet with. Lately, I’ve also started incorporating fish (tilapia) and shrimp into my diet. For my fitness goals and the “look” I want to go for, I think it’s beneficial for me to get in a bit more protein and as of right now, I’m loving the way I feel and look. I bought a big thing of tilapia at Costco as well as some frozen shrimp so I’ve been enjoying those for lunch and dinner lately. However, I still enjoy my chickpeas, beans, and tofu so I’ve been eating those too! It’s just nice to ease off all the carbs and have a meal that is more protein based than carb based – vegetarians, you know what I’m talking about!

Speaking of vegetarians, that’s why I hate labels. I feel like they can restrict you and make you feel guilty if you try a new food because it’s not in the “definition” of the diet you follow. I just eat what makes me feel good… I eat what I want. I don’t like the label. For me, it’s not about that. I don’t prance around like, “Oooohhh dahhhling, I’m a vege-taaarian dahhhling.” Gag me! I just do me and for me, I love to eat plant based foods, all natural and from the Earth and I enjoy eating fish and shrimp sometimes. Smile It makes me feel happy and sane!

Anyways, back to my supplement stack



I take a daily multivitamin every morning. Just a pretty regular brand, nothing special.

Protein Power:

I have been using SunWarrior protein powder but it was starting to get on my nerves how chalky it can taste, so I recently switched it up and am using these two now -


I like to bake with this or add it to my oatmeal in the morning. It’s all natural and sweetened with stevia which I love because when I was looking to buy a whey protein they all had artificial sweeteners and I can’t stand that! This tastes pretty good though for being all natural.

However, I’ve been loving this chocolate whey from MRM brand.


It tastes so good! I will usually drink this in some water after my workout or for a snack. I’ll do two scoops which equals 50g of protein. It helps me curb my chocolate cravings a little (although nothing is better than the real thing Winking smile).



I have this brand of BCAA pills (branched chain amino acids). I’ve been taking them for quite some time.. since January I think.. and they help promote lean muscle mass and muscle recovery. I take 2 after every workout (if I don’t forget). I hear some people take 2 before their workout and 2 after but that seems like too much to me for some reason. I definitely think they help!


So that’s my supplement stack… it’s pretty basic and is only 3 things. Nothing crazy. And I’ve been seeing great things with my body however, I credit most of my gains and muscle tone to clean eating and lifting heavy.

Up next, a cookbook review! Also, if any of you are interested I can post what a day in the life of my eats look like and the macros and things like that.


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