get a sore, tight booty.

Yesterday at the gym I did an awesome leg workout that left my butt feeling nice and sore today.

For me, I feel that if my ass ain’t sore the next day, I didn’t hit it hard enough (which isn’t true but I just love being sore…Nyah-Nyah).

So here’s a workout for a tight ass! As always… listen to your body and consult a trainer if you need help. I ain’t responsible if you tear your ass muscles, mk.

I did 3 sets of 10 reps at the heaviest weight I could do without sacrificing form. I’ll list my weights below if I can remember what they were. But, if you do this workout, adjust the weigh to your needs.

This workout took me about an hour to complete (I don’t do cardio on leg days). It may seem like a lot of exercises, but keep rest time limited to 30 seconds. Some people will think I’m crazy for doing so many exercises, but this is just what works for me. I also cut down legs to once per week so I now have 2 rest days a week so I try to target all the muscles in my legs.


(I included a blank weight column so that if you do this you can print it out & insert the weight you used)


Below are videos to let you see the right form for each exercise. I love using YouTube for looking up different exercises and seeing the proper form. There’s nothing worse than doing and exercise with crap form!

Sumo Squat – 65lbs

Really sink deep into your heels, don’t half ass the squat, do a full range of motion and pause at the bottom a little to feel the burn. Usually at the end of the last rep I hold it at the bottom for 5 or so seconds.

(link to video showing you how it’s done via LiveStrong –> sumo squat)

Stiff Legged Deadlift – 60lbs

(video: stiff legged deadlift)

Good Mornings – 45lbs

(video via good mornings)

Glute Kickback – Bodyweight *I did 20 reps instead of 10 (I did this standing instead of on all fours)

(video via glute kickback)

I super setted the glute kickback with the barbell glute bridge.

Barbell Glute Bridge – 50 lbs *I did 20 reps of these instead of 10

(video via barbell glute bridge)

Weighted Walking Lunges – 40lb barbell

(video via barbell lunge) 

*the video shows them staying in one position, I walk with the barbell.

Basic One Leg Squat – Bodyweight (I didn’t use a second bench to rest my foot on, I just kept it off the ground as best as I could. This will hurt your ass!!)

(video: one leg squat)

Hip Abductor – 170lbs

(video: hip abductor)

Leg Extensions – 95lbs

(video: leg extensions)

Hamstring Curl – 35 lbs (I do it the way Erin Stern does [love her!!!] around the 45 second mark. Both legs bring it up on the way up and one leg brings it down on the negative)

(video: hamstring curl)

Weighted Calf Raises – 105lbs (I like to pause for a second and squeeze at the top)

(video: weighted calf raises)

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3 Comments to “get a sore, tight booty.”

  1. Thank you! I’ve been dying to find an awesome ass workout.

  2. I love workouts that leave me sore because I feel so accomplished! This looks great.

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