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December 28, 2011

bouncing back.


I hope you all had a great holiday. I love the holidays, however, my tight pants remind me of all the sweets I ate! Obviously it’s normal to indulge over the holidays, who doesn’t? It’s not like you indulge like that every day of the year. But, it’s important not to continue the trend of eating sweets (or whatever your vice is) all the time and just “letting yourself go.” It’s good to have a lil treat here and there but I’m sure we’re all still coming off, or still riding on, a sugar high. It’s difficult to sort of break the habit of wanting to eat sweets all the time because once you’ve eaten them your body becomes accustomed to crave them.

I had my fair share of sweets the past week and as of now I am vowing to myself not to have anymore for at least a few days. I’m not into deprivation, but my body really needs to detox and wane itself off sugar. The problem with me is, once I have sugar my body craves it and it’s a never ending cycle which is better for me to break the cycle and indulge randomly than always having a treat, ya know?

Obviously all these treats have also put a lil damper in the LiveFit trainer I was doing but I’m still continuing with the workouts, eating every 3 hours and getting in ample protein that the treats I’ve had have hopefully not done too much “damage” to all the gains I got in the gym!


Annnnnnnnnnyways, with bouncing back it’s important not to go totally balls to the wall. You want to ease yourself off the “junk” food and add in healthy food increasingly. If you go cold turkey most of the time you will just go crazy because your body still craves that type of food and honestly, I don’t like going crazy.

So, what I like to do is set simple intentions for the day. Little mini goals, per say, that are achievable and that don’t leave me feeling bad if I do cave into a little treat.

For yesterday, I set 3 mini goals:

  • eat every 3 hours
  • workout
  • no sweets (except fruit if desired)

I got in the first two of my goals easily, and let myself have fruit if I wanted it in place of refined sugars, however, come nighttime I was in a sugary mode so I had 2 little chocolates and a little scoop of ice cream. I’m not beating myself up over it, and compared to the cupcakes and cookies I’ve had the past few days, it’s nothing major to sweat over.

That’s why I think it’s important to have goals but still allow yourself a little wiggle room. Don’t get so crazy and set your goals like this:

  • absolutely NO “unhealthy” food (although I don’t believe certain foods are ‘good’ and others are ‘bad’)
  • NO sweets at all, period.
  • workout for AT LEAST 2 hours
  • burn a MINIMUM of 500 calories

^ that’s a no-no.

Those types of goals are just ridiculous, negative, and backward thinking. You want to honor your body, not deprive it, and set simple realistic goals that you know you can achieve with some effort. But, you also want to give yourself a little wiggle room so you’re not always beating yourself up over “bad” choices.

Tis the season after all!

My mini goals for today are:

  • eat every 3 hours, get in enough protein
  • lots of water
  • workout
  • minimal sweets, if any

And with that note, I have a great butter cookie recipe coming up soon.


Typical of me, huh? ;)


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