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November 14, 2011

jamie eason’s livefit trainer.

…is the best thing.ever.

(warning: this post is all over the place, I suck at structuring my thoughts.)



^ holy F, look at that bicep it’s like a straight up square!!!

I started doing Jamie’s LiveFit trainer last Monday and it’s now a week later and last night my mom told me my biceps look more defined. SCORE!! She was like, “what are you doing?” heh heh. ;)

This is JUST what I needed. I’m not usually into “programs” because I feel they’re often unrealistic and offer unattainable results, but I have to say, this is like a lifestyle (toning weights workouts for life!). Oh, and it’s FREE.

You see, I have always wanted to be more toned. I love my body but wanted to tighten things up even more, it’s just I had no idea how to get that tone that I wanted and while the Tone It Up girls have fantastic workouts, I wanted more. So one day, while crusin’ the interwebs on (don’t know how I ended up there LOL), I stumbled across Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer. Jamie created this program from the ways he trains herself (she also does the LiveFit trainer) I heard rave reviews and the pictures of peoples results seemed unbelievable. These people were getting crazily toned and it wasn’t some absurd crazy workout or diet. Just pretty standard gym moves, I guess you could say, and a diet that, well, I had already generally been doing anyways.



It’s amazing.

And you should all do it if you’re looking to get toned.

But you need a gym so that’s sort of a bummer if you can’t afford it/get to one.

But still!

I am in *love* with this new regimen of mine. It’s something I have always, always wanted. I have been dying to find a way to structure my workouts and work different body parts each day but never knew how to go about that and how to get the results I desired.

I hated going to the gym, intimidated by the various machines, and just doing cardio day in and day out, wanting to see results but never seeing them.

This program has lit a spark under my butt and I can’t WAIT to get to the gym. On rest days all I want to do is lift!

Strength training transforms your body.

As I like to think, cardio burns calories short term but muscle keeps the calorie burn going long term.

Also, I haven’t done cardio in about 2 weeks and I am more toned than when I did do cardio. From what I’ve read, cardio can reduce muscle gain so in order to build muscle, you need to cut out cardio and then add it back in after a few weeks once your muscles have grown.


“hai gurrrl”


It’s a 12 week “program” and offers a “guide” on how to eat. I alter it to my needs but generally stick to it. My meals per day generally have been looking like this (and I do 5-6 meals):

  1. oats for breakfast for 1 serving of fruit NO maple syrup (I find that when you start your day with sugar you set your body up for it to crave sugar all day so try and limit that!)
  2. protein shake/snack bar/fruit+nuts/bread with almond butter and banana sandwich
  3. salad for lunch – lots of veggies, mixed greens, protein like quinoa, tofu, chickpeas, brown rice or a mix of all the above
  4. same options as meal 2 or whatever I eat that day
  5. usually cooked veggies with quinoa, egg whites, chickpeas, or other beans + a light sauce of some sort
  6. sometimes protein powder + water, sometimes not, depends on my mood ;)

It’s all outlined in black and white on the website but that’s just a rough guide of how I’ve been eating.

I’d estimate I take in about double the protein I’ve been taking in before and my muscle growth surely is reaping the benefits. It truly makes a huge difference in your muscles if you increase your protein. I try to aim for 100g each day but I think I fall short most days – I try to do my best!

Also, I cut out sugars (except for 2 pieces of fruit per day and what occurs naturally in other foods) and no carbs at night. This really, really works for me so I stick to it and now it’s just the norm, not even an issue anymore. It’s not a big deal to me and if I want something, I’ll eat it but since cutting out those foods I barely crave them anymore… definitely NEVER crave chocolate anymore and that is SO weird for me. Sometimes you think you *need* a food or you’ll die, but in reality, you really don’t.

Workout wise, I love my workouts!!!! GAH. lol.

I’m so weird.

But really, I do. It’s structured and I just am obsessed okay. I’m an obsessed weight lifting junkie and I ain’t stoppin.

I love the results I’m seeing so far and it’s only been a week. The support groups are great, Jamie answers all your questions, and it’s not *too* crazy. I heard in Phase 3 (because it goes in phases [12 weeks total]… phase 1, 2, and 3) is a bit harder but we’ll see when I get there!

I’m so excited to see my biceps build and my back as well a more toned up booty, basically my whole body.

I am telling you, I seriously can’t believe how toned I am already. It’s crazy. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a little boost in your workouts! Also, it’s great if you’re like me and totally clueless when it comes to the machinery in the gym and how to work what.

PS – I hope you all don’t think I’m some crazy azz strength training obsessed girl now… though I definitely am.


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