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October 2, 2011

do this workout!

Yesterday I wasn’t in the mood to hit the gym and with the Fall chill in the air, being outdoors seems more and more appealing to me to do my workouts. I went to the park and made up this workout (my park is about ~1.10 miles long for one loop):

  • mile 1 (loop 1) – brisk walk + at every bench (our park has 25 benches) do 10 inverted pushups
  • mile 2 (loop 2) – brisk walk + 10 sets of 10 walking lunges for a total of 100
  • mile 3 (loop 3) – run + 10 sets of 10 jumping jacks inserted in for a total of 100
  • mile 4 (loop 4) – brisk walk + 10 sets of 5 tricep dips at benches
  • took me and my sister about an hour and 25mins to complete

This was such a good workout! It’s hard to believe that you can get such a burn and cardio workout while walking but it is possible! Just gotta work for it. I am so sore this morning… those lunges are killer. I’m definitely lovin’ this walk + strength training combo and will be doing more workouts like this at the park. I can’t believe how sore my glutes, chest, and hamstrings are. I can barely walk. :mrgreen:

Also, it good for low impact and if you can’t do so many sets/reps of the strength exercises, cut down on that and do what you can do. People so often underestimate walking but it is one of my favorite ways to workout… I need to do it more often. It’s a great way to get in some meditation while taking in nature. As always, consult a doctor before doing any new workouts!

Trader Joe’s

A week or so ago, I went to Trader Joe’s to get some goodies.

Here’s what I got:




Love: the sweet, savory & tart trek mix… nearly ate the whole bag already it’s so good definitely pick some up if you’re there. I would grab some for snacks or for something sweet after dinner.

Dislike: the seaweed snacks – I like how they taste initially and then they get all gooey and weird tasting/texture in your mouth, yuck. Also, the pineapple chips – they taste weird. No bueno.


I am a big fan of buying the pre-chopped kale + broccoli because it’s so easy to make a healthy salad for lunch, which I do almost every day when I have classes. I’m 10x more likely to make myself a salad if the ingredients are already prepared for me so I’m willing to pay the extra for less prep time. The only thing I dislike about the kale is that there’s huge stems in it from the kale. I pick around them but wish it would come without those hard stems! I doubt anyone eats them… if you do, you cray cray!


Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars + a Luna bar, avocados, tomato basil hummus dip (good stuff!!), Udi’s GF bread <- love this bread more than regular whole wheat it tastes so good. I polished the loaf off yesterday. :(


I eat these sundried tomatoes on my salad or make quick little stir frys with them. They add so much flavor. Also, if you do stir fry your food, instead of using EVOO, just use the olive oil that the sundried tomatoes are packed in – gives it so much more flavor.

And the fig butter. It’s pretty good. I like it a lot and have eaten it on PB&J sammiches. :)

Off to go for a walk with Chippy (trying to do daily walks with this lil chunker but right now he’s sleeping right next to me, so lazy ;)) + hopefully make it to the park and wobble around for a few laps. Enjoy your Sunday!


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