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August 21, 2011

Have You Ever Fallen Victim to Weight Loss Myths?

Happy Sunday!

I’m falling in love with Sunday’s more and more (well, obviously I love them because it’s a lazy day…heh). I used to set my alarm for 7:30am because I love to be up early but lately, I’ve been setting it for 8:30am (I know, what crazy person even sets an alarm on Sunday?! Me!). Even though I wake up naturally around 8, it feels SO good to sleep in and know I can rest in my PJ’s nearly all day. It’s the absolute best and I have no idea why I haven’t been lounging in my PJ’s all along.

Also, what’s best about this is that I can workout in my PJ’s. Most of the time I just throw a sports bra on under my pajamas and do some weights or AB exercises. I am the queen of the ‘lazy girls workout clothes’. ;)


So the other day I became aware of an article on Women’s Health Base about the 5 Weight Loss Myths Exposed: Expert Q&A with John Romaniello by Danae Matthews (it’s a really interesting article how people [mostly women] fall victim to all sorts of weight loss myths, so go on over and check it out!).

Today, I’m going to be writing about my opinions and thoughts on the common 5 weight loss myths, as discussed in the article. Now, I don’t believe in diets AT ALL. ZIP. NONE. ZILTCH. Which is why I’m talking to you about these myths. I mean, come on, they’re MYTHS for a reason!

Now, I’m sure most of you reading this have thought that by consuming fewer calories means you’ll lose more weight… because I know I thought that at one point in time.

I would workout like a mad woman and than make sure I wouldn’t eat back what I burned. Blah, blah, blah. The same ‘ol, same ‘ol. I CANNOT stand when people calorie count and especially can’t stand when people are eating fake ‘diet’ foods and calorie counting them. Like, for example all those foods directed toward dieters such as candies and drinks and cookies, etc. It bothers me most because if a diet food, such as a ‘cookie’ which is usually off limits (and for no good reason) is 100 calories, but a banana, say, is 110 calories, then 9 times out of 10 dieters will choose the crappy, nutrition-void cookie over the banana. And it’s all for the calorie. People need, NEED, to stop focusing on CALORIES and focus on CONTENT. Look at the labels on the foods you’re eating!

But back to the point of consuming fewer calories means you’ll lose more weight – you’re actually doing your body way more harm than good. Your body needs lots of calories to perform day to day tasks. I would say (in general, I don’t really know for sure) that I eat maybe 2,000 ish calories a day? Or somewhere close to that, maybe 1800 some days, I have no clue since I don’t count. However, I am eating quality calories, not junk food calories, which makes a huge difference. Your body only knows how to metabolize REAL FOOD and when you eat REAL FOOD you shouldn’t be afraid of the calorie content because it’s good for you food, it’s real food, it’s not processed crap. Especially when you eat a plant based diet, your body will burn through food like crazy so you need to keep fueling your hunger beast!

As stated in the article, John Romaniello said, “Instead your metabolism slows down because your body thinks that it’s starving and so the rate at which you’re losing fat decreases.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Number 2Fad diets can work, you just need to stick to them.


For real, did you ever see someone stick to the grapefruit diet for their whole life? Or the cookie diet (as good as it sounds, it’s just not realistic and you’re body isn’t getting the various nutrients it needs from a variety of different foods). Also, the whole ‘no-carbs’ diet to me is just a bunch of BS. You all know me and I’m a DIE-HARD CARB LOVER. Especially the kinds that come from whole wheat’s and whole grains and ‘whole’ sources in general. Your body needs carbs. It craves them for a reason.

You should never be restricting yourself from any one food group, it should all be balanced. Of course, though, you will see results from cutting out carbs (or any other food group), but it’s not healthy and again, it’s a form of unnecessary restriction.

For me, I try to get in a little bit of everything at one meal and not over-do it or over focus on just eating protein. I like to get a mixture of fats, carbs, and protein because that’s when I feel most satisfied. And if I miss out on any of those one food groups I can tell, because my body craves it for my next meal.

Myth #3 - The best way to lose weight is to start cutting out certain foods from your diet.

I think John Romaniello sums it up well on this myth when he writes,

“Most importantly it is about eating whole foods, healthful foods that take a while to break down in your system. Not only do these foods keep you full longer and keep you from overeating, but they also have a very high TEF (thermic effect of food) which is the amount of energy that your body produces or energy required by your body in order to break that food down.

Whole foods will obviously have a much higher TEF. Things like protein have a higher TEF than carbs generally speaking, but just comparing carbs to carbs a whole food like an apple is going to have a higher TEF than something like apple sauce which is already predigested by being already squished up. Just taking in whole foods, and eating more vegetables is what it is about. People don’t want to hear that because it’s boring and it is what their mom told them and it is not some revolutionary fat loss secret. But if you eat more vegetables and fill in the nutritional gaps that are caused when you start to restrict calories you are going to start losing fat faster. It’s amazing what happens when you add vegetables into people’s diets, you can lose another five pounds within the first month.”

EXACTLY! I couldn’t agree more. Eat whole foods people and you WILL see the results. ‘Diet’ foods are crap. Don’t buy into that media, marketing stuff. They just want your money and don’t give a crap about the ingredients they inject into their so called ‘foods’.

Shopping organic and healthy will put you on a path to weight loss.

I’m all for organic, however, some people think organic = fewer calories or since it’s so healthy they can eat a ton of it and never lose weight.

Well, no, while I love buying organic because of environmental and health reasons, it still has all the same calories as non-organic foods and just because it is healthy doesn’t mean you’ll drop five pounds after eating an organic apple. Like all things, you should eat in moderation, even healthy foods. If you over-do it on any one food, well duh you’re going to gain weight! However, I do think healthy foods can be a little more flexible in that you can eat more of it. For example, I eat a ton of carrots, entire cucumbers and other various veggies and fruits, because they’re healthy and low-cal and I don’t put a limit on how many vegetables I eat in one day, but that doesn’t go the same for the Special-K cereal all people think is ‘healthy’. Also, instead of grabbing the Cherrios box for whole grains, why not instead grab a piece of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread and spread it with some all-natural peanut butter + banana slices? Now that’s whole grains for you all long with healthy fats and fiber!

Lastly, just get your butt to the gym, the rest will fall into place.

The gym is a great place to jump start your weight loss or to get (and stay) healthy in general.

However, I think most people’s problems are that they go to the gym, go on the elliptical or bike for 10-20 minutes, feel as if they burned off 1,000 calories and than go home and justify eating a huge hamburger because they went to the gym and worked out. It’s all give and take. If you do want to go home and eat a huge hamburger, try and at least get a little more sweat action goin’ on. If I go to the gym I like to give it my all. I don’t just go there to fluff around on all different machines and call it a day. I walk into the gym with a purpose and that’s to sweat and get in a great workout! Be consistent in your workouts, have a plan on what you will do that day and you should see results. Whatever your reason for going to the gym is (I love to get in there for a good sweat and to de-stress), it’s all about balance. Too much time spent at the gym can be obsessive and over-eating can be disastrous toward your health.

It’s all about balance. It will all work it’s self out if you eat right and exercise for as little as 30 minutes a day (light walking, running, bicycle riding, swimming, golfing, playing at the park, etc). Don’t stress about diets, they don’t work.

Repeat with me, THEY. DO. NOT. WORK!!!!

Sure you may lose a ton of weight short-term but in the long term does that diet you’re on teach you how to make a lifestyle out of healthy eating and exercising?

I won’t lie, I did fall victim to some of these weight loss myths a few years ago when I was insecure with myself, but now I am more at peace with myself and have no desire to look up short-term fixes or anything like that. I can’t even remember the last time I stressed about dieting or not liking the way I look, etc. Eating whole foods and a plant based diet has truly helped me become more aware and appreciative of my body and the environment. I feel more connected to myself and what I eat. Knowledge is powerful. Educate yourself on what you’re eating. You only get one body so take the best care of it as you can.

Love yourself. <3 You’re worth it.


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