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August 20, 2011

‘Till I Collapse

I deem Eminem’s song ‘Till I Collapse THE BEST running song in the entire world. I think I put it on repeat about 20 times during today’s 11 miler.

Yup, I ran 11 miles. No big deal.


I woke up at 6am so I could get out there early and beat the heat (and be done so I had the rest of my day free). I had some buckwheat porridge with some blueberries, almond butter and pure maple syrup but my appetite was off so I only ate about 3/4 and off I went!


I almost didn’t run outside because it was foggy and looked like it was going to rain but I’m glad I stuck it out and didn’t go on the treadmill. It was cold but PERFECT running weather. I warmed up in about 5 seconds lol. I planned out a route the night before but ended up just running up and down our very long street 5 and 1/2 times (for a total of 11 miles… running on each side of the road is 1 mile so up and down = 2).

I’m glad I stuck close to home because I was worried with the fog a driver wouldn’t be able to see me. Also, for water breaks if I needed any (which I didn’t end up needing, I had my Camelbak which lasted me the whole way).

It was an overall GREAT run. My legs at the end started to cramp up and get very sore but I stopped often to stretch and walk. I walked a bunch of times and I credit that to me being able to finish. Actually, when I stopped to walk, I ended up running a faster pace. Until the end when it was more walking than running because my legs were SHOT. There’s always one thing I tell myself when running though, it’s that I won’t quit and give up. I WILL finish the mileage I have to run. And I always do. What also saved my sanity is that every mile I stopped to walk .10 miles. DEFINITELY helped me out big time!!! I kept saying, “you only need to run one more mile and then you can take a quick break.”

I took a few watermelon Gu chomps at mile 5 and drank all my water.


I’m glad I woke up early, too! It feels so awesome to have it done and out of the way.

Came home and guzzled lots of WATER (I was craving it) and THIS:


Holy amazeballs this chocolate ZICO coconut water is GOOD. I am stocking UP on this stuff!!! It tastes EXACTLY like chocolate milk, no lie. I’m not a fan of straight up coconut water so this chocolate kind is a great way to hydrate. (hehe go figure it’s chocolate…)


Blended up 1/2 of it in a smoothie and drank the other half straight.


  • 1 cup chocolate coconut water
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 scoop sunwarrior protein powder
  • ice

I made this as soon as I walked in the door and it made my muscles feel so much better.

Afterwards, I showered and we went to the beauty store to get some beautaaaay products.

Came home and nearly ate my arm off!!! I was starving… I burned over 1,000 calories. Had to refuel the beast!


Crappy picture because I was too hungry to care. ;)

  • 1/2 block tempeh
  • 1/2 cup chickpeas
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/3 cup millet
  • 1/2 head of broccoli
  • garlic hummus dollop
  • lots of balsamic vinegar
  • garlic
  • olive oil

Gobbled up in 10 seconds.

Dessert was an apple + stevia + cinnamon. My new fav after lunch dessert.


Forgot to take a pic until about halfway through… I was just too hungry!

Then I played ‘spa day’ by myself and did my hair, nails and makeup!


I love Moroccan oil and I just picked up this sea spray for beachy hair – I used both and <3 them.

Straightened my hair..


Love the colors in my hair: blondes, reds, browns..


Au naturaaaal baaaby.


I got this from Saphora and lurve it. It’s a bunch of browns which I love playing with. I usually stick to the lights but today I did a smoky eye effect with this pallet.


And I’m becoming BFF’s with this guy:


My foam roller.

Now I’m laying in bed because my legs are so tired!!!

Computer is dying… gotta sign off. Enjoy your day!


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