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August 17, 2011

Fun, Shweaty Workout (+ today’s eats!)

I’m glad you all loved my Snooki impersonation. ;) I’m pretty good at it, no? It’s probably because I’m a born and raised JERSEY GIRL. Not those fake Jersey Shore cast wanna-be’s… pscht! I thought I’d so something fun for you all today and do a post about what I ate so far today.

I know I love to see what people are eating (isn’t that weird? why other people are so interested in what other people eat? lol) so I decided to show you all my eats for today so far. We’re going out to dinner somewhere so I’ll be sure to post about it tomorrow (hopefully), but here’s my eats for today.

Breakfast – 7:45am


Breakfast was carrot cake raw buckwheat porridge A La Angela. I’m so happy she created this breakfast because it is PERFECT for someone like me who is trying to avoid gluten. I love this breakfast so much! It’s my absolute favorite way to start my day. Also, a great alternative to the usual oats. Writing about this now is making me crave it madly ahhhhhhhh!


If I make this again I will definitely shred the carrots a little smaller and use more cinnamon. I am a cinnamon FEIN. The baddest cinnamon lover out there.


With a generous 2 tsp pure maple syrup on top. My day always needs to start with maple syrup. It’s the best thing ever, I absolutely love it. It goes on all my breakfasts. Every morning. Every day. Trust.

Workout #1 – 9:20am

I saw this ab video the other day and decided today is the day I try it. Love the Tone It Up girls! It went by quickly and I definitely felt the burn. I plan on doing it again after I write this post (it’s only 7minutes).

Workout #2 – 10:00am

I drove to the gym to get some cardio in because a good, sweaty cardio workout always makes me feel awesome. I had speedwork on my training plan but my hip is bothering me and I don’t want to EFF it up anymore so I did some rolling hills on the treadmill.

I had SO much fun doing this workout! It’s hard but not too hard because once you get to the max hill height, you’re descending already which makes it go by quickly and switches it up a lot so it’s never boring and is seriously super fun! I’m definitely going to be doing this workout a lot more often.

Rolling Hills Treadmill Workout

Duration: 40 minutes

Speed throughout the entire workout: 3.7mph (you can raise it to 4.0 if you’re comfortable doing so or even decrease it to suit your needs!)

  • Minute 1 – incline: 2.0
  • Minute 2 – incline: 4.0
  • Minute 3 – incline: 6.0
  • Minute 4 – incline: 8.0
  • Minute 5 – incline: 10.0
  • Minute 6 – incline: 8.0
  • Minute 7 – incline: 6.0
  • Minute 8 – incline: 4.0
  • Minute 9 – incline: 2.0
  • Minute 10 – incline: 4.0

And keep repeating this ‘set of 10’ until you reach 40 minutes (or however long you want to go for). Super fun! You can also increase the incline by 3’s, which I’ll try next time for an even shweatier workout (3.0 –> 6.0 –> 9.0 –> 12.0 –> 15.0).

After my workout, I came home, showered, went grocery shopping (I WAS STARVING by this point!!! Should’ve had a snack!) and finally made myself lunch.

Lunch 12:00pm


Giant salad that I needed to put in a Tupperware container to eat. Those are the best kinds of salads, the ones that you need to put in a huge bowl, a casserole dish, or a very large Tupperware container.


Arugula, spinach, red pepper, cucumber, 1/2 cup brown rice (heated up with 1 tsp Earth Balance), 1/4 cup chickpeas, 1/2 and avocado and LOTSSSS of Mmmm Sauce.


‘Dessert’ was a sliced organic peach. Lovin peaches lately… I crave them! I want to eat 27 a day!


Afterwards, I went to my college to pick up some books and a backpack! I needed one badly. SO badly.



Isn’t it THE cutest!?! It’s my FAVORITE backpack I’ve ever owned! I get so excited about school stuff now-a-days. I used to suppress my inner school supplies geek in high school, but I am fully embracing it now!

Watch out, I might start collecting erasers. Anyone up for trades?

Snack – 2:30pm

The belly was a-callin’, so I was a-listenin’.

I was craving chocolate all day and was waiting for the right moment to honor my craving. I knew I wanted chocolate, but I needed a snack as well and chocolate alone will not tame my hunger beast so I made a ‘Reeses Peanut Butter Cup’ type snack.


1 mini slice Udi’s GF bread (they’re so tiny!) + big shhhmear White Chocolate Wonderful PB + TJ’s semi-sweet chocolate chips.



The peanut butter melts and the chocolate chips as well. It is the craziest-amazingest-awesomest snack EVA.

Can’t believe I’m just trying out this combo. Gosh, why didn’t you guys tell me how awesome this is!? I know you must’ve tried something like it at least once!


I ate the mini butt of the bread while this slice was toasting.

And because this little snack was so off the hook, after I ate the first one, I made another. TOO GOOD!

+ honey chamomile tea on the side.


How’s your day going? Any awesome eats you’re obsessing over?


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