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July 25, 2011

Drop Down and Get Your Fundraising On





Goooood morning!

Before anything, Janetha (over at is having a big blogger bake sale/fundraiser for Susan, who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Please go on over and bid on LOTS of the goodies! There’s a few things I have my eyes on. ;) Proceeds will help Susan pay for various medical bills. <3

I’m blogging from my phone cause I’m at the beach. It’s sort of cloudy and foggy but I think the sun might be peeping out.

Last night for a late night snack we enjoyed apple slices and pretzels dipped in NUTELLA!!! I need to eat more Nutella.

Like, a lot more Nutella. :D

Breakfast was a trio of things: coffee, water, and Kashi Go Lean cereal with a sprinkle of granola, chia seeds, a banana, and almond milk.

Off to (hopefully) soak up some sun!


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