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July 23, 2011

The New PB&J

Last night, I began thinking. You know, getting nervous about my long runs, like always. I try to psyche myself out of it. Such as, “ugh, so I really want to do this training thing still?” and “I don’t feel like running 7 miles. I just want to sit on the couch and have someone run 7 miles for me.”

BUT, I put that negative thinking to shame this morning when I slammed out a 7 mile run at a 10:35ish pace. I brought my run inside on the gym treadmill because it’s deadly hot outside. For reals, it’s DEADLY!

I love running at the gym because I like to people watch and be motivated by other like minded people. Whenever I want to give up, I think to myself, “I can’t have these people see me quit!!!” and it really works, I don’t quit. I have to prove my running strength and capabilities!

I slammed my previous 7 mile time by coming in at around 1 hour and 11 mins (my last time was 1 hour and 19 mins). I say ‘at around’ because the treadmills at the gym shut off after an hour (I know, SO stupid!). And I didn’t stop at all. :)

It usually takes me a long time to find a groove, about 4 miles, but once I hit that sweet spot, I was golden.

Oh, and does anyone else’s feet get numb when they run!?! Around mile 6 my feet were getting that tingling feeling – not fun! Any tips to prevent this?

Came home and slurped down a SunWarrior protein ‘shake’ …aka water mixed with 1 scoop of vanilla SunWarrior protein powder (16 grams).

Showered and made lunch.


Another vegetable stack with all the fixins!

I swear, vegetable stacks are the best thing since sliced spelt bread.

With balsamic chickpeas + oregano… cooked chickpeas + balsamic vinegar + oregano for a couple mins in a skillet.




  • 1 slice spelt bread
  • 4 kale leaves, sautéed for about 20 seconds in balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • big smear of hummus
  • lots of basil
  • sundried tomatoes (love this thangs)

I love veggie stacks! I am going to eat them until I turn green in the gills.

I end up just cutting it all up and my plate looks like a big sloppy mess but it is so delicious. A delicious sloppy mess, my fav.


Cucumber slices for H2O content.


Uhm, yeah, if you’re wondering if this lunch was good or not… it was AMAZEBALLZ.

Now, for the reason I pushed through my run:

‘Cause I was gettin’ a pedicure after!!!!!!

Best. idea. ever.


Then we went to Costco where I picked up some things: fresh figs, sugar snap peas, and a Magic Bullet (!!!!!… I have been wanting one forevaazz) (more on that later).

Now we’re home and I just had a white peach for a snack and this:


Meet the new PB&J.

Spelt bread + White Chocolate Wonderful PB + organic strawberries.

You need to try out this combo!


I’m off to relax and then we’re going out to dinner. What are your plans?


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