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July 17, 2011

It Was All A Dream

I am dragging ass this morning and have no clue why? Maybe I’m getting sick…noooooo.

Anyway, we’re on our way back from the shore now (shore = beach, I think it’s a Jersey thing to say shore). I’m just sitting here thinking about my dreams.

All the things I want to do before I die. Where I want to be in five, ten years. What I want to persue.

It’s so overwhelming to think anout it.

You know, when you’re in college, you are pretty much forced to go down one path. Study one thing, perfect it, get a job, and live your daily life while balancing work, family, and relationships.

Where does spontaneity, fun, adventure, free-spirited life, unpredictably fit in?

Does it ever fit in?

Is life all it appears to be? One path you go down. Doing what you think is the right thing but always feeling somewhere in your heart you are meant to be somewhere else, be someone else, do something else.

Maybe the music on my I-pod is getting the best of me. Whenever I listen to music I seem to be really inspired.

I just wonder why I stay inside the lines. Will I always? Will I ever curve away? Am I meant to? Do dreams come true? Are dreams only meant to be just that…just dreams?

I really have no clue what I’m getting at. Just rambling and in one of those deep thinking moods where I feel like I’m Da Vinci painting a picture of the life I imagine.

Are we always just…stuck? Where we are?

Why do we always surpress our passions and our dreams? Why do we always ignore the love we have in our heart for certain things? Why?

Why don’t people ever step outside the box?

To be honest, I think I’d die and go to heaven if I ever gave myself a chance to go to culinary school. But something, myself, is holding me back from my dreams.

I’m afraid to curve away from the straight line.

And why? Why not curve away?

I just love food and feeling it in my hands when I make things and all the textures and smells. I am a bit crazy to be typing this, I bet.

Like, seriously, I’m 19 years old with dreams of attending culinary school in Italy.

Will that ever happen? Probably not.

Will I ever pursue a career in food? Again, probably not.

Would I drop everything if given the opportinity? Yes.

But, for now, I’ll gather up my accounting and economics books and brace myself for a career in business. Because that’s my straight line.


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