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July 13, 2011

The Fruits of My Labor

Wowzers, is it hot or WHAT! I woke up at 7am today and it was like 100* already!

I like that though… the signs of summer. :)

Yesterday we got down to the beach around 12 which meant it was time for LUNCH! I can’t go more than 4 hours without a little snack or something. 5 hours is like, unheard of …my belly will grumble. Always gotta keep feeding the monsta.


Lentil salad I made (will share recipe) + SALT AND VINEGAR POPCHIPS!!!

Love, love, love.

I am in love with anything and everything salt and vinegar. I’d eat salt and vinegar chocolate, dirt, you name it. Love me some vinegar <3.

I also had some pnat buttah.


I went and laid out by the pool …but then like always, I got bored.

I don’t know, some days I can lay out for hours and some days and I can only lay out for a couple minutes. I got stir crazy, I wanted to move!


So since I noticed we had no fruit in the fridge (I know, the horror), I took my bike out and got ridin’ to the fruit market!



I can’t take pictures and ride a bike at the same timeee.



I rode all along the bike path (not my usual path that’s by the ocean) for about 2 miles until I hit the street that crosses with the market.



I’ve never biked here before, but I have dreamed of doing so. I just love the idea of pilling up fruits and veggies in my bike basket and riding home with them! It seems so old school and down to Earth.


I got bananas, strawberries, and a watermelon chunk. Somehow it all fit into my lil basket!

Came home and make a big ‘ol snack plate. Holla!


Yum. These strawberries are the shiznit.

You wanna know what else is flippin awesome?



My mom’s friend came down and brought these. I saw them before at TJ’s but never picked them up.

I will now be stock pilling powerberries like a squirrel. SO GOOD.

Later on we hit up the boardwalk for rides + games (neither of which I did …okay, maybe one game because my competitive self will not let me loose to a ten year old… but I still lost anyways).



Then we decided to eat on the boardwalk and I started to worry because the boardwalk is notorious for fried foods; like fried oreos, snickers, probably pizza… they’ll fry anything, it’s actually kind of gross.

I didn’t want pizza because my stomach was in that mood where it could either get really upset with the food I ate or be content and not weighed down. I knew if I ate pizza my stomach would be killin’ me and I’d be paying for it so I wanted to keep dinner light.

Anyways, I was just craving a nice crisp salad and luckily I was able to find a place which sold one. Albeit was like 12 heads of iceberg lettuce, but hey, I’ll take it.


I think this salad weighed at least 3 pounds. :mrgreen: I ate it allllllll!

I drizzled some Newman’s balsamic vinaigrette on top. I love Newman’s because it’s mostly natural, recognizable ingredients.


Woot! Happy happy joy joy.

And what follows dinner?

Dessert, duh!

I never have dinner without having a sweet treat after. I’m like Pavlov’s dogs. I’m so accustomed to having sweets after dinner haha.


Oh. Yes. A chocolate covered pretzel with rainbow non pareils!!!! Win! I had two of these. ;)

Fast forward to this morning…

Breakfast was cereal for the first time in like, forever. I usually don’t eat cereal for breakfast ‘cause it’s like air but I loaded on the toppings and it was actually pretty good. Probably one of my new favorite summer breakfasts.

Side note: I think I have said ‘like’ in this post more times than in my whole life. LOL.


Kashi cereal + 3 cookie dough balls + strawberries + chia seeds + almond milk.

Loved this combo!


And cawfee.


Don’t you just love this cup!?! I am obsessed with it! It came with this cute little spoon that stays in the side and you can take it out to stir up your milk/sugar.

After fueling up + guzzling water I hit the pavement before it got toooooo hot… even though it was already 85*.

I know not to push my limits in the heat, especially because I have low blood pressure (usually in the 106’s/60’s) and can pass out fairly easily. I compromised with myself and decided to do sprints.

  • 1 mile warm-up – 11 min/mile.
  • 3 miles of sprints: .15 walking then .10 sprint at 7:30 min/mile <—repeated until you reach 4 miles
  • 1 mile cool-down – 11min/mile.

All together I did 5 miles in about 1 hour and 4 mins. The walking breaks were crucial for me being able to catch my breath and not over heat. If you’re weary about running in the heat, I’d definitely recommend trying out sprints, just because you’re not constantly running and you allow your body to cool down in between sets. But everyone is different so don’t blame me if you overheat! hahaha.

And this is what you’ll look like after:


A sweaty, red beast. >:)

This picture does my tomato face no justice.

I also iced my knee after.

The whole time on the run I just kept thinking about ice and how good it will feel to ice my body when I got done. It was pretty good motivation! I kept saying to myself, “just keep going, you’re closer and closer to drinking icy cold water and icing your knee!” For some reason, my knee hurts when I run but when I’m done it doesn’t. I wear a knee sleeve and it seems to help but I think I need to see a sports doctor.


Now we’re off to the water park and to soak up some sunshine!



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