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July 9, 2011

‘Shroom Love


It looks like it’s shaping up to be a beautiful Saturday. My mom just got back in from a run and said it was gorgeous with a slight breeze so I might take my long run (6 miles) outside. Buuuut, I’ll probably end up going to the gym since I fizzle out in the heat and it’s already 9 so by the time I get out there it’ll be 10ish and I don’t want to die of a heat stroke! I read a very interesting article in Runner’s World while on the elliptical yesterday about dealing with heat while running so I’ll be sure to share with you some key points that I picked up. I need to become more educated and aware of the dangers and precautions to take while running in the heat!

Oh, and yesterday I noticed I was getting quite a few more hits so I looked and it appears that PETA had found my tempting tempeh sandwich with vegan garlic aioli and posted it in one of there articles. Woop! The article is about National Picnic Month (aka July) so go on over and read it! There’s lots of other recipe ideas that are perfect to be packed up for a picnic.

It also appears that I have a slight obsession with this almond butter I made. Someone lock me up and throw away the key because I might finish this jar by the afternoon. It’s SO good! I keep going by the fridge and sticking a spoon in it. As in, walk by –> contemplate hunger –> who cares if I’m hungry anyway because almond butter is so good and doesn’t need a particular time of day to be eaten –> grab a spoon –> eat almond butter –> repeat x20.


I mean, come on, just looking at it sends me in an almond butter tail spin.

Plus, mixing it equally with almond milk makes it about, a hundred times better.


It’s the best post-run fuel, snack, dessert and anything and everything in between… EVA! I think I’ll be making another batch of it this week since I don’t want to find my almond butter storages depleting. That would be h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e.

Lunch was THE LAST of ze veggie burgers. Yezzir.


Ketchup, glorious, glorious ketchup. How could anyone not be a fan?

And avocado, creamy, creamy avocado… I love you. (Just picked up a 5 pack at Costco, win! Now they just need to ripen, any tips?)


Hasta la Vista, veggie burgers. Movin’ on to new foods!

Check out the top bun to bottom bun height ratio on this bun, totally redic.


It reminds me of Pauly D’s blow out LOL. A lot of Jersey Shore mentions on the blog lately… hmmm, what’s up with that!?

Other things I picked up at Costco = a big bag of organic farro.


Farro, to me, reminds me of pearled barley or wheat berries… It cooks up beautifully and is an awesome grain! I definitely want to start cooking with farro more. Or, I will be, regardless of what I want because I now have a 3lb bag of farro sitting in my pantry.


Cutesy little farro gems.


7g protein for 1/4 cup! Told you it’s awesome.

I had other plans for this farro though besides sticking it in a veggie salad.

It was storming last night and I was in the mood for comfort food. As in, I will be eating cheese in some part of my meal for dinner. I found this recipe and since I also bought 24 ounces of baby bella mushrooms at Costco, I thought it was destiny that I would make it.

So, I did just that, I made mushroom farro risotto.


You can’t make risotto without using a wooden spoon. Not possible. Well, maybe it is, but your Italian grandma would roll over in her grave.

Oh, and see those herbs? Well, it was down pouring rain and thundering and lightning but I had other plans. My recipe called for fresh parsley and thyme so I knew I had only one choice. Go out in the storm for the herbs.

I risked my life for this dish, people.

And it was so worth it.

Especially to anyone who saw me running back and forth to my garden with a flower towel over my head like a mad woman to pick herbs.


Modifications I made to the original recipe were:

  • 3/4 cup farro instead of 1 cup pearled barley
  • ~ 3 cups vegetable stock instead of 6
  • about 18 ounces mushrooms instead of 12 (I always add lots more veggies than asked for!)
  • 1 tbsp Earth Balance instead of butter
  • 1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese instead of 1/2 cup


I was getting scared when the farro wasn’t absorbing all the veggie broth but alas, my plan worked.

Do I EVEN need to tell you how GOOD this was??? I mean, do I? Look at that creaminess!!!


Loved this. <3333

The recipe said it serves 4 but I made it serve 2. :) Definitely no way that serves 4… unless you’re into that whole “two bite dinner” thing. And I’m not. I like multiple bites. Upon multiple.


Good thing I have leftovers because this is going to make for a really delicious lunch today!

I’ve gotta get up and goin’ for my 6 mile run though. Wish me luck!

PS – I wrote a guest post for Brittaney today over at her blog so please go check it out and leave some love!

It involves a recipe for raw, no bake, vegan cookies… y’all know you want some. ;)



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