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July 1, 2011

Right Where I Belong



The beach…

We meet again…

I hope I am not torturing/bugging y’all by posting these pics.

Here, how about we all close our eyes, and pretend we’re sitting on the beach together, sipping Skinnygirl Margarita’s and eating lots of fresh, sweet fruit.

Much better right?

So we can move on? No grudges? Mk.


We got down last night pretty late, around 830pm and we went to dinner since we hadn’t eaten. We went to one of our favorite places and I got a delicious stir-fry type dish. It was garlic rice and a bunch of sautéed mixed vegetables with a scampi sauce. Omg, to die for!!! I love scampi sauce and this was just delicious. Nice and luxurious and garlicky…just how I like it!

Me and my toothbrush are now BFF’s.

Remember this little guy?


Well, it appears we were once arch nemesis because I caught his little ass chewing up my zucchini plant yesterday!!!!

He went under my netting and chomped off a zucchini flower…

Pffffffft, friends…yeah, right…

I’m watching you birdy. I. am. watching. you.

Here’s what the zucchini plant should look like:


This is what it does look like:



When I would go outside and look at my zucchini plant I thought they might be pollinating (lol, I don’t know) or something but I didn’t understand how it would get such a clean cut like that. But yesterday, while lounging on the couch, I decided to take a gander at my garden and low and behold, I spotted that bird creepin’ in my plants!

I went outside and promptly recovered the netting better.

I’m all for feeding the birds, but at least let my plants grow and then I’ll feed you. I’m actually thinking of feeding them some zucchini because I have a feeling I’m going to have like 300 of them (and I think my stomach is sensitive to the squash family, things like zucchini and eggplant give me tummy issues).

On a more random note…here’s my beauty products I packed!


I’m a very simple girl, I don’t wear much make-up at all anymore. I used to put on face make-up (that would discolor my face…I don’t feel the need to hide my “imperfections” anymore) and lots of other stuff.

The summer of 2010 was when I began to transition from a lot of make-up to just enhancing my features. I like the minimalist approach.

Less is more.


I wear my Neutrogena face moisturizer every single day. I put it on right after my shower and I massage it all on my face/neck area. Don’t forget the neck, ladies!!

I also try to lotion my arms and legs as much as possible. Sometimes it’s a nuisance but in the summer I like to smell all puuurty. :) I bought this lotion and sparkly shimmer mist the other day at Bath and Body Works. They were having a sale so I took advantage of it! It was spend $30 and save $10… so all together I spent about $20 and I got a free bottle of full sized lotion. Scooore.

I love the sparkles this body mist gives me. I’m a sparkles girl! And it smells nice and sweet…I love sweet, flowery purfumes/lotions.

Deodorant for obvious purposes.


The only make-up I wear is mascara, eye shadow (sometimes), and eyeliner. I only wear the lip gloss when going out at night or if I feel like being a little frisky. ;) My eye shadow (the Urban Decay Palate – they have aweeesome eye shadows that I get from Sephora) I wear is always a brown and my eyeliner is brown, too. I always wear mascara, duh.

Moving on to this morning…

Breakfast was oatmeal raisin cookie VOO!

Yummy yum yummmms. One of my favorite combo’s if I have no other ingredients like pumpkin or bananas. All you really need is raisins and walnuts because who doesn’t own cinnamon?


Looks like a blob of mush but tastes amazing, I swear!


I inhaled this in record timing…

Alongside I had coffee + almond milk. I haven’t been using sugar at all in my coffee lately and I think I might transition to just drinking it black. I love and appreciate the taste of black coffee.


I better go get my swim suit on because I think we’re going to the water park today! I’m contemplating brining my DSLR but I’m not sure. I found a case for it in my house that my mom used to use for her video camera and it’s pretty well protected but I don’t want to take any chances!

We’ll see…

Later on we’re going out to dinner at a really cute & delicious place so I’ll show you all about it tomorrow.

Have a great day, happy Friday, and enjoy your long weekend!!!


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