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July 31, 2011


TOMORROW, TOMORRROWWWW, I’ll love yaaa tomorrrowww it’s onlyy a daay awaaaaaayyyy.

Yes, I am EX-CI-TED to see Sean. I am going to smother him in luuuuurve. I may even do an epic run-and-jump into his arms at the airport but I’m thinking my plans will fall through. My luck, I’ll run and he won’t be prepared and I’ll just fall flat on my face LOL. I could really see that happening… that kinda stuff happens to me. We don’t have too many plans for the week but we’re seeing Harry Potter tomorrow night (YAY!), going down the shore, doing triple dates with my two best friends + their BF’s, and overdosing on ice cream + frozen yogurt + bubble tea, cause I says so.

Rewind to yesterday, I ran 8 miles! My longest run to date, but alas, I can’t seem to go on long runs anymore without something happening.

Breakfast was this:


(I just ate this for breakfast this morning too… I am addicted to it now!)

My faaavorite part is the WCW pnat butta. I will never eat my oats without it again.

Then I went to the gym for my long run. I know I need to take my long runs outside but it was hot and I felt more comfortable hitting up the treadmill. I like it because I can maintain my pace and not worry about anything else but focusing on running.

RUN: 8 miles in about 1 hour 22 mins

FUEL: I had watermelon chomps (uhhh…YUMMY!) at mile 4

FML MOMENT: At the end of my run my right hip started to hurt A LOT. I was at mile 7.8 or something so I just made it through but I was NOT a happy camper. I have NO idea what I did to it!? I wasn’t going crazy fast or anything (max pace was 9:49 min/mile) so I’m really frustrated. It hurts a lot and it’s hard to walk (I wobble) so I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I tried foam rolling it, stretching, icing… but the only thing that seems to help is not walking. I woke up this morning and it felt great but as soon as I started walking around the house it got irritated. I’m looking online for hip stretches, but other than that I will not be running until I feel better again, I ain’t willing to risk a month off. I’d rather take a week off. But we’ll see! I do plan on going on the elliptical in the meantime though and still doing my AB DVD. Like I said, I don’t know when I’m going to run next (I’m thinking Weds or Thurs) but definitely not running Monday.

Blaaaaaaaah! I just wanna run! But, I must be patient. MUST.

Came home and refueled with a smoothie.


Scoop of SunWarrior + frozen banana and cherries + almond milk.

(Yes, I got a Magic Bullet… I love it :) I bought it recently and it actually works.)

Lunch followed a few hours later with an Udi’s GF bagel (my bagel love cause they’re so fluffy) + GOAT CHEESE!!! + kale sautéed with sundried tomatoes, 1/2 an avocado, and sprinkle of hemp seeds.


I bought goat cheese at Whole Foods and I am now in love with it. It’s so delicious and tangy! It’s the new cream cheese.


Speaking of cheese… I want to discuss something.

I almost didn’t eat this yummy lunch because I felt ‘guilty’ for eating cheese. Why? Because I felt like I ‘couldn’t’ have it. I’m not a vegan, but there was some mental block in my mind, like, OH NO! DON’T EAT THAT! IT’S FROM AN ANIMAL! But to be honest, I love cheese… and I’m not vegan.

I just really love cheese.

I do. I won’t lie.

Goat cheese, ricotta (my #1 fav cheese), mozzarella, parmesan, you name it.

However, I got to thinking, maybe *some* (KEYWORD: some) people go vegan (or any other special ‘diet’) to limit themselves from food and not have to justify eating it anymore.

You know like, oh I really love Greek yogurt, but I’m vegan, so I can’t eat it. I feel like some people (NOT ALL!!!… don’t get confused here! Don’t get it twisted!) go vegan just so they have a reason not to eat certain foods for whatever reason. Some people might LOVE cheese, but they say they’re vegan so they can’t eat it. I mean, if you love something, why aren’t you eating it? I don’t believe in deprivation and it seems to be like that for some people.

I feel like veganism can be an escape for certain people. A reason or “excuse” not to eat something because it’ll make them fat, or it is ‘fatty’, or whatever!

I just feel like, if you love something, EAT IT! Do not feel guilty because of whatever reason!

I just felt a feeling of guilt and I wanted to talk about it because I feel like sometimes, people get too wrapped up in a label and don’t focus on what they love…

It doesn’t need to be all about the label. I eat what I eat because that makes me feel good. I could give two shits whether the world knows I’m a vegetarian or not.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I felt this way when I went to figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch today, and I just want people to not be afraid to love a certain food and indulge in it!

Having that been said, I will probably eat another bagel + goat cheese for lunch. Cause they’re dang good.

I also laid out by the pool-io:


And ate a bunch more snacks like apple with nut butter, granola bar, apricots, TJ’s chocolate.

Dinner was a salad + bean salad.

It’s weird, after a long run, I’m not STARVING at all but I know I need to eat to refuel my body so I feed the monsta.

I get ravenous after doing the elliptical or weights though. Running, not so much… it’s always the day after that I’m starving.

Anyone else?

Enjoy your Sunday!


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