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June 26, 2011

The Basil Killer

I’m traumatized.

Forever changed.




Because guess where I found my still growing, very cute, organic, basil this morning that I’ve been working on growing for over a month?



Here’s how it went down:

Wake up –> pee –> go downstairs –> pour myself a cup of coffee –> amaze at how beautiful it is outside –> nearly die upon gazing in the garbage and finding my basil DUMPED in the trash.

Yep. Pretty horrifying.

You know how I am about my basil.

Basil and me, we don’t ever plan on being separated. It’s just not the way it should be.

I am very protective of my basil. VERY.

Anyways, I started to cry. I was angry! Then I tried to re-water the basil to life.

I had only been able to save 4 little basil ‘plants’. When there were like 15. :(

I cried some more, said a few choice words, and went outside to try and mother my basil back to life.

Took some dirt from my garden, planted them in a bowl, and they are now in their new home.

Moral of the story: DO NOT touch my basil. I even had a sign, pointing TO the basil, that said, “do NOT touch, basil is still growing.”

UGH. Do I need to make a billboard and stick it up? Was that not any clearer? Maybe next time, my mom can ask before throwing away a piece of my heart.


So tell me, are you as obsessed with basil as I am? Would you have cried tears of sorrow? Am I overreacting (aw hell naw I ain’t!)?

Basil’s new home:


With a NEW sign.

Only the strong survive.


They’re chilling on our front porch on the bench and if a brave soul dares touch it, and or move it, hell hath wreath.

Since I was so traumatized, I could barely finish my breakfast (for reals!!! I was devastated).


I put in goji berries, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, oats, chia seeds, and almond milk.

Meh. The goji berries had the texture of boogers and I don’t like eatin’ boogers (who does? bwahaha)! So I only got about 1/2 of it down. Plus, they tasted pretty earthy and I like my oats to be sweet.

I didn’t add any sweeter though because last night I had some ice cream and today is my sisters graduation party so I’ll be saving my sugar reserves for tonight.

This is my going-to-bed-and-I-have-no-make-up-on-but-I-want-to-make-a-Snooki-face look:


I know, cool right?

Also what’s cool:


Taking green beans and making green bean salad:


What’s NOT cool:


Waiting in line for an hour for a dressing room at Forever 21 and then waiting another hour to check out.


It just opened yesterday and of course, my sister made my go on the day it opened (big mistake). They have soooo many cute clothes though and we got 10% off so I guess that’s what made me stay. Let it be known though, that I am NEVER going to a store opening again and wasting my life waiting in lines for 3 pieces of clothing that were cute but I could’ve lived without.

I came home and inhaled some pizza though, which made me go from :( –> :).


Now, since yesterday I decided to take a rest day, I’m off to run 5 miles. Mark my words.

My knee felt a bit weird yesterday still, so I decided to take it easy. Since me and my girlfriends are going down the shore tonight to Tuesday, I won’t be getting any exercise until Wednesday so I thought if I do my long run today, I’ll get 2 solid rest days before my next workout (run). Here’s to hoping my knee is strong lil fella, like my basil!

I’ll try and upload pics of my sisters graduation party tonight, but if not, then definitely, hopefully, by tomorrow, but if I don’t end up bringing my computer down the shore, then definitely Wednesday.

I don’t know when the next time I’ll blog, but I will probably bring down my lappy and blog early in the morning before we all wake up.

I am now going to wipe off my tears, hug my basil, and head on out for a run.

Enjoy your day, hopefully there are no basil killers near you.


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