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June 18, 2011

Two For One

Hey friends!

Yesterday I took the day off from blogging (obviously, dur). I wanted to just relax and get my creative juices goin again! And they are flowin so all is good in the world. :)

Since I missed blogging yesterday, I have a two for one special goin on because I’m going to spotlight my Thursday and Friday! Holllaaaaaarr.


I spent some time tanning by the pool (actually, more like burning by the pool.. hah), shopping, doing my nails, and working. Pretty productive if you ask me. ;)


I won a subscription to this magazine from a blog and I’m super excited because I love reading fitness magazines!


At work I ate a lentil sammich with homemade BBQ sauce + veggies.

I took these pictures from my phone and you can tell the difference from when I take them with my DSLR! Just look:


A lot sharper, clearer, and crisp.

Work was pretty slow so I decided to do my nails! I know, sounds horrible, but trust me, ‘tis not!


I bought this Sally Hansen nail polish strips the other day at CVS. They have a bunch of different designs you can choose from but because I love flowers, I chose these. The only downside is that for one package of 16 nail polish strips (don’t know why they don’t give you four more so you can get two uses out of it..) was $11. I was a bit saddened to hand over $11 at the cashier for just one little box of nail polish strips, especially because I could easily buy one (or a few) nail polish bottles with $11 and get more uses out of it than just one.


I really love how my nails turned out though!

They are super cute, took no time to dry, and were relatively easy to get on. Now comes the part where I see how long they last so I can tell if I get my money’s worth! So far, so good.


Sally gets a thumbs up!

I also took a looksie at my garden to see how things are commin’ along.

[These pictures are taken with the DSLR…makes a world of difference!]


I didn’t know green beans shooted out flowers!? I am noticing like all the plants I planted sprout flowers before the veggies grow. Very interesting! I learn something new everyday, love that.


Same with my green bell peppers.


Aaaaand zucchini…


That is HUGE and obnoxious!!! I already learned one thing I’ll do differently next year.

A) make two garden beds

B) plant my zucchini by it’s lone some because it’s greedy and takes up a lot of space


But not so true for my romaine lettuce.


It looks so lonely like it wants flowers sprouting too! Maybe I’ll snip a random flower from a tree and stick in there. ;)


I’ve also learned that when it’s raining a lot, there’s really no need to water your plants too much otherwise they get water logged and turn yellow because there’s too much H2O!

Chippy said he wanted a model shot for the blog… ugh he’s so self centered!



Me and my mom also went to the local running store to get some new sneakass!!! I have been needing some new ones for a while and I finally got my booty to the store. The guy checked out how our feet roll and suggest the perfect pair for us to try on.

I love that we went there and our feet were looked at to see what shoe is truly the perfect fit. So many times I have just bought a shoe thinking it’s the perfect fit for me but I finally got a pair that really is the perfect fit. Hopefully my shin pain goes away!?

I was really happy with this running store so I’ll definitely be going back for any future needs. They even gave us a 10% discount and they didn’t even know us personally! Score.


Hmm… looks like another pair of Brooks. ;)



OMG. Aren’t they the sexiest running shoes ya ever saw in your whole life!?!?!

I was told I have a neutral foot walk or whatever (lol, forget what he said) so I went with a neutral shoe. I got the Brook’s Glycerin 9’s. They are like walking on pillows!!!!!! Softest shoes I ever did slip my foot into.


So. darn. sexy.

They even have that DNA foot cushioning stuff, so thumbs up for that!

Don’t really know what it does but I hear it does good things so can I get a booyah!?



I love the cute flower detail on the inside.


My mom has a neutral foot like me so she chose the Brook’s Ghosts and LOVES them!


High five for new shoes!


After shoe shopping I was starving (I always work up an appetite shopping!), so I chopped up a whole romaine heart, threw in some cranberries + sunflower seeds, and drizzled on balsamic dressing.



Love this combo!

Dinner was Mama Pea’s Chickpea’s and Dumplings which was way easier to make than I thought it would be. Pure comfort food..



After dinner I wanted to watch a movie to continue along the ‘comfort food’ theme so I popped up some popcorn and browsed On Demand.


Some people think making your own popcorn from kernels is super hard but it’s actually very easy.


For one serving, I just take 2 tbsp organic, natural popcorn kernels (I get mine from Trader Joe’s) and place them in a pot with a lid (so popcorn doesn’t fly everywhere!!) and place it over medium-high heat, constantly moving the kernels around my gently shaking the pot back and forth.

It’s important to ‘shake’ the pot so the kernels don’t burn. After about 2-3 minutes, the kernels will start popping. Once done, you can add on whatever you want. Chocolate chips, butter, nutritional yeast, salt, etc. I like mine plain but it’s totally up to you.


I ended up watching Hall Pass with Owen Wilson and man is that movie raunchy!!! I had NO IDEA it was that sexual. Hah. Definitely enjoyed it but was quite shocked at some parts in the movie…


I had a pretty relaxed day.. I spent some time with my dad in the loader going around to different jobs to pile dirt and rocks.


Don’t let this picture fool you… this machine is HAAA-UUGEE.


Sup doodes!?


LOVE this sticker they have up in the shop:


Bahaha. I get a crack out of this because of all those people who brag about where their kids go and slap a big fat sticker on their car saying they have straight A students (no offense to anyone who does this!). It’s just quite hilarious…or is it only me??


Lunch was the last of the spelt bread *tear* with lentils, homemade BBQ sauce, chipotle pepper hummus (best ever), and a perfectly ripe avocado. Yum. Plus salt and vinegar chips cause I lubs those.

The only thing I dislike about spelt bread is it’s very fragile… as in it falls apart easily. So I ended up eating this sandwich with a fork and a knife. Hah. I love messy sandwiches like that! I’ll definitely be eating another one today for lunch.


I babysat my cousins last night and we made some cookies! Chocolate chip cookies. Yummmy.

This morning

I enjoyed a bowl of refreshing orange creamsicle VOO.


Very light but indulgent tasting at the same time because of the coconut milk. I’m not sure how I feel about eating oranges in my oats yet but this was good.

I’m off to do my long run of the week in my new sneakers and I could not be more excited!!!

It’s sunny here today too (finally) so hopefully I spend some of my day outdoors instead of inside. Gotta love the sunshine. :)

What are your plans for today?


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