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June 13, 2011

The Happy Hot Dog Man

Wow! Is it just me or did this weekend fly by??

I’m feeling a bit groggy lately and like a cold is coming on so I had a green smoothie for breakfast this morning in hopes of squashing my headache. I even took a nap yesterday for about 2 hours which is so rare because I hate naps! I guess the stress of things going on lately is getting to me and really making me exhausted.

Any who, yesterday was full of randomness. So let’s let the random begin shall we?

I woke up with the desire to photograph anything and everything, so I headed to my trusty model, Chippy.


Whenever I take out my camera and take pictures of him he just stares at me. Maybe he was a Calvin Klein model in his past life? ;)



Browsed around my house and looked for more things to shoot..


There’s beauty everywhere!


Yuuuuum. These strawberries are the bomb! They are humongous.


Spotting some kombucha in my fridge reminded me that I should go and pick up a few bottles. It has a really pungent and interesting taste but the benefits are outstanding. It does have a tiny tiny alcohol content which I think turns me off.. I hate the taste of beer!


Picked up some coconut milk yogurt at the store the other day! I’m excited to try this stuff, I need more probiotics in my diet since I don’t really eat yogurt anymore.



Zucchini is out of control.. what am I gonna do with this plant!?


The leaves have such a grainy texture, it’s interesting because it looks like they’d feel smooth.

Lunch was a spin-off of Mama Pea’s No-Egg Salad.


  • 1/2 block tempeh (TJ’s brand)
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp Vegenaise
  • salt and pepper


It was definitely better when I made it last time with all the ingredients but it was good none the less. I’m going to bring leftovers with me today to work and eat that for lunch.. and some strawberries cause they are amaze!


Snacks included sweet honey glazed carrots + watermelon.


Sadly, the watermelon was grainy. :(


But! To lift spirits.. Finding Nemo was on TV!


Finding Nemo is my favorite movie. Makes me want to be a little fishie and hang out in the coral (but never be eaten!).


Fish are friends, not food!

Dinner was take-out. Do you ever wonder how to order out healthy? Well, here’s my tip to ordering Chinese food and still keeping your health in mind. I used to fear take-out from anywhere, especially Chinese food, but it’s all how you order! You can have healthy meals from a Chinese restaurant (or anywhere for that matter!).

I order a side of plain brown rice + steamed mixed vegetables. I hold the sauce and make my own at home! So much easier and not anywhere near as much sauce as they put on if you order it that way. I also don’t know if the brown sauce they serve things in is vegetarian so I always yield to the safer side and mix up a quick version of my own.


I mix 1 tsp low sodium soy sauce with 1 tbsp soy and ginger sauce, microwave for 30 seconds, and pour over my brown rice + veggies!

SO easy and I’d have to say it tastes almost better than the brown sauce they serve..



A very easy way to decrease sodium and get the most out of your meal.

Dessert was ice cream!!! I used to crave ice cream like crazy but now, not so much. However, when I do get a craving I have to have it.


We went to Rita’s and I got a vanilla and chocolate twist with sprinkles. :)

Brought it home and watched Just Go With It. OMG, THAT MOVIE IS HILARIOUS!!!

I normally don’t laugh to movies and it takes a lot for more to even have a giggle but I was in tears watching this movie, it was that funny! Definitely go out and rent it.


Now, to cheer up your Monday, I have a hilarious commercial to show you that came on the TV the other day. I’ll let you see for yourselves how ridiculous it is. Baahahah.

Does anyone own this contraption!? What is the world coming to? LOL.

[click here if the video isn’t showing]

Here’s to a happy Monday!


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