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June 10, 2011

Sum, Sum, Summatime


Can you believe it?

It was 104* at TWO O’CLOCK yesterday!

I went to the gym and sweated buckets upon buckets of sweat since the AC in the gym isn’t too powerful.

The other day I also did my first tempo run, which ended up being a 1 mile warm up, 1 mile tempo run, and 1 mile run/walk. Now, you see, my problem with this is my shins were killing me the whole time and I didn’t want to injure myself so I took it easy. I’m thinking I need new running shoes because I’ve never gotten shin pain in these sneakers before. Any good shoes out on the market? What’s your favs?

Today was a cross training day for me so I just did 35 minutes on the elliptical and called it a day.

Rewind to yesterday..

Sean got me this awesome running shirt (that I sweat my A$$ off in) + a cute and tiny little cross necklace. I have been wanting a cross necklace for some time now so I’m glad he gifted me with one. :) Gotta keep the faith!


Came home from the gym and ate an apple + a salad. I was STARVING!


I was going to eat that granola bar I made but I microwaved it too much and it turned into mush.



I had brought with me a protein smoothie for lunch but had absolutely no appetite yesterday. I drank maybe half of it.. It was too watery and not thick enough. Hate that!


In it went: cherries, too much almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, scoop of protein powder.



Dinner was more than welcome when 4:30pm rolled around.

I had taken these two recipes and made up my own take on them.


My modifications:

  • I subbed baby bliss red potatoes for russet
  • I added 1 can of chickpeas that I roasted
  • Used 1 cup peas instead of asparagus
  • Roasted 2 garlic heads and smashed them into the dressing
  • Used only fresh parsley & dried oregano and dried dill for the spices (omitted lemon juice + zest because I didn’t have any)
  • Added in 1 sweet sautéed onion

Omg. Make. this. salad. now.

I basically used Angela’s dressing + roasted garlic cloves from Jessica’s recipe. Turned out amazing. I have been happily enjoying leftovers for days. :)


So creamy and delicious. I will be making this again. (If you do make this, enjoy it warm, it tastes better that way!)

On a more random note, check out these hugh-jass marshmallows my mom brought home:




Yesterday, I also went to my sister’s boyfriend’s baseball game.


Saw a cute lady bug:


Pondered Ginger’s ability to sleep 22 hours in a day:



And watched Chippy chow down on my brother T-bone steak:



My vegetarian self was wanting to pry the bone away from him, but, dogs are carnivores and such is life.


Definitely thinking, “my preeeeciiouussss” circa Lord of the Rings.


So nasty!!! (sorry for the graphic pic?)

This morning I woke up early to get to the country club to take some pictures of the action.




Sorry for the super random post! I’m off to eat the last of the potato salad I made and then probably explore the world.

Because I’m a superhero. Duh.

What are your plans for today?

Oh, and Happy Friday!!


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