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June 30, 2011

In Love With

…fluffy bagels and kombucha!


I’ve been seeing Udi’s gluten free bagels all over the blog world and what has intrigued me most about them is how FLUFFY they look. Like pillows of yummyness waiting for me to smear Earth Balance on them.

I finally picked some up at the grocery store yesterday while shopping and was craving one for breakfast this morning.



I’m not going gluten free (EVAAAAA!) so do not worry my friends, pasta and bread are going no wheres. I just wanted to try these out ‘cause they look so fluffy and not as dense as regular bagels.


6g protein yaaaaay.


I toasted mine and spread it with Earth Balance.

I have been wanting a bagel with butter so badly the past few weeks that this was just so euphoric while eating it. Mmmmmm..


It doesn’t taste exactly like a real bagel, and I think I actually prefer the taste of ‘real’ bagels better, but I love how fluffy these are… they’re so puffy and almost flakey. But a bit bland, not gonna lie.

Alongside my bagel I had some kombucha!


It’s taken me awhile to get used to kombucha but I think I’ve finally adjusted!

Kombucha is a bit rough around the edges, but once you find a flavor that you like, you’ll fall in love. I have tried sooo many flavors and disliked nearly all of them but the Cosmic Cranberry flavor is by far my favorite. Next time I get to Wegman’s I’m going to pick up maybe 4-5 bottles of this stuff.

I want to drink more kombucha. It has great probiotics among other benefits and since I don’t eat yogurt (upsets my tummy), this will make me happy knowing I’m getting some probiotics. Plus, my digestive track can benefit from it! And anything to benefit and better my digestive system is a-okay with me.

It’s basically a magical elixir of life.


If you’re new to buying kombucha, beware because it is going to taste like straight up vinegar. It takes a while to get used to, but I’d suggest taking a few sips at a time. I was mad at myself I couldn’t finish the whole bottle, let alone half!!!, when I first got it. I thought I was being a sissy. But over time, I have learned to fall in love with it. It’s a weird taste, for sure, but I am loving it more and more. Definitely check out the Cosmic Cranberry flavor if you can find it… I <3 it.

After breakfast, I went to the gym to run 3.5 miles + do some strength. I did biceps and back!

I am sooo badly wanting to get a bicep bump (just a lil one!) so you better bet by the end of the summer I’m gonna be rockin’ some serious guns.

AK-47’s over here. ;)

My knee felt a bit iffy on the treadmill but I think the fact that I foam roller before the gym and didn’t set it on an incline helped. Even if I put the incline to 1.0 my knee gets cranky. Since I know it’s essential to run on an incline indoors to help simulate outdoor running, I put it up a few times while running, otherwise I set it to 0.0 to satisfy my knee.

More stuff I got from the grocery store yesterday…



  • Udi’s bagels
  • Ezekiel bread
  • frozen peaches
  • frozen organic veggies
  • Quaker oats
  • organic cucumber
  • organic lemons
  • 1 heirloom tomato
  • organic mixed greens
  • unhulled sesame seeds


  • 2 bags of chia seeds
  • garlic powder
  • vegetable bouillon cubes
  • cashew butter
  • Mary’s crackers
  • spelt pretzels


  • 2 bottles of kombucha
  • kamut & quinoa pasta


  • chocolate :) :) :)
  • organic bananerz

Lots of stuff but I needed to stock up.

I used most of my produce to make a salad that I’m going to be taking with me to the beach today. It’ll be great for lunches since I don’t plan on leaving the beach for 6 hours.


I made this salad and boy does it taste good…I kept spatula feeding myself salad as I was taking pictures of it. ;)


For dinner, I mixed some of this salad in with a salad I made.


(I actually just ate this same salad for lunch today!)


  • mixed greens
  • lots of organic romaine lettuce from my garden (!!!!)
  • homemade caesar salad dressing
  • mixed grain + veggie salad, from above


I probably spent a good 15 minutes washing my romaine lettuce from my garden.

Good news is, I’m not dead yet.

So I must’ve washed it good enough.


Lots of flavors and textures and packed with veggies and healthy vitamins and minerals!

I love summer because I crave salads for dinner. In the winter, I am a salad hater (don’t even make me eat one). I’d rather eat a bowl of mashed potatoes or a whole pan of mac n cheese. Funny how the seasons changes your appetite.


I’m off to get packing because we’re going down to our shore house for the long weekend. I’m bringing my lap top + DSLR so do not fear, I shall be bloggin’.

I’m going to go drink some more kombucha and maybe take my little Chippy for a walk. He’s just so cute and I’m going to miss him dearly. :( It hurts to type that sentence because I really am going to miss my wittles!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Have a great rest of your day!


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