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May 17, 2011

Wax On, Wax Off

Hello :)

My Monday ending up shaping up pretty well yesterday, even if I fell down the stairs early in the AM! I think the most important thing about changing around your day is changing your attitude. There’s no need to be a negative nancy when you can be a peppy petunia!

A few updates:

  • Thanks for all your get well wishes yesterday. My tailbone feels a lot better. I actually don’t think it was my tail bone that took most of the impact but more of my left butt cheek LOL. It seriously hurt so bad yesterday but today it feels a little better. That’s the benefit of having a big booty – quicker healing. Hells yes! I still think I won’t run until maybe the weekend? Or until my butt doesn’t hurt anymore. Either way, I don’t want to potentially injure myself before I start training for my half marathon (on June 6). Which reminds me, I need to start looking for a training plan.. Any suggestions?? I’ve been looking into Hal Hidgon’s plan but I’m open to others as well. I just don’t want something super crazy and demanding. I know my limits but I want to also step outside my boundaries a bit. We’ll see!
  • Yesterday I got a call from the guy at the bike shop and they don’t have the bike I want in stock. :( I was looking around and I found this one instead:


What do you all think? I still like the other mint/white one but I really do like this purple one as well. They only have pink/white in the other style and I don’t really want a pink cruiser (I feel like it’s too cliche). Looks like Trixie is going to have to be purple!!

  • I’m blogging from work (on wordpress) and it’s so odd compared to using Window’s Live Writer. Def like WLW waaaaay better! So bare with me, it’s been a while since I blogged on the actual wordpress site.

Breakfast this morning was something I haven’t had in a whilllle.

A green smoothie!!

While I was perusing the blog-o-sphere yesterday, I came across Mama Pea’s Cake Batter Green Smoothie and knew I just had to make it for breakfast this AM.

The only thing I did differently was that I used 1/2 a frozen banana instead of the tofu/frozen almond milk cubes.


Tasted just like a cake batter milkshake, for reals! I was smitten. :)

I am going to try and make an effort to drink more green smoothies because it’s just so easy to get a packed and pumped up smoothie with lots of vitamins and nutrients in one place. I especially love this cake batter one so I bet you’ll be seeing it a lot on the blog. ;) I also have a ginourmous tub of spinach in the fridge that expires May 21 so I better get blendin’..

Random yummy eats from yesterday included perfect juicy watermelon:

And open faced Ezekiel low-sodium bread with avocado, mustard seeds, red pep flakes, garlic, and sauteed sweet white onion.

Sprinkled with turmeric and paprika!

I added turmeric because it is an anti-inflammatory and thought it could help with my tailbone – I guess so ’cause I feel better today!

I was lucky, too because I had a super ripe avocado. Yuuuum. I love avocados. They’re so creamy!

I’ll be enjoying the rest of this for leftovers today. Yummmm.


Yesterday my friend and I went to go get waxed at a waxing center. Usually, my mom does my eyebrows (and nails) since she went to beauty school. She’s great at it and why pay $$ to get it done when I can get it done for free? Well, they had a special going so I could get my eyebrows done for free. The place was absolutely gorgeous inside and very intimate and doesn’t making waxing awkward at all. They use a certain kind of wax that doesn’t need a strip to be applied. They apply the wax, let it cool, and then just rip the actual wax off. It feels totally weird and is way less painful than typical waxed so I was digging it. It actually kind of feels like gel on your eyebrows.


My eyebrows turned out nice but it lead me to thinking.. are women pressured to wax (or be hairless in general)? Honestly, I never cared about my eyebrows until I noticed everyone else was doing it so I thought what the heck. But after I started waxing my eyebrows, I felt really good about myself. I like how I looked with them all shaped up and I didn’t feel like I had bushes on my forehead. I love being a girly girl but sometimes the pressure to look a certain way and maintain your look can be overwhelming. Some people take it overboard and tan, get their nails done, and wax constantly, and that’s fine, I have no issue with that (except tanning!!!). But what I do have an issue with is where or not girls are doing it for themselves or to fit a social “mold” that is set by the media to look a certain way.

What do you think? Do you feel pressure from the media (and others) to do certains things like wax? Do you wax?

I wax because I feel better about myself overall,  not to fit some sort of mold. Although, it can be overwhelming to try and do everything (tan, nails, hair, etc) just because the media acts like you ‘should’ do those things to look your best.

I’m at work now so I better focus! Sorry for the wonky post, tomorrow I’ll be back at it.

Enjoy your day <3

PS – Where’s the sunshine????


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