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April 22, 2011

The Results Are In

Happy Friday!

We survived another work week – high five!

I got the results back from my blood tests and all is well. I am seriously SHOCKED that I am not deficient in anything!!!!! Even my iron levels are fine, although I will continue to try and eat more (just for precautions). I am so so happy that I am fueling my body correctly and being a ‘safe and healthy vegetarian/”vegan”’. Boooya!!! :D

I was crack a lackin’ in the kitchen yesterday. I had the baking ‘bug’ and just needed to use my spatula + measure out ingredients. Sometimes I just get a serious hankering for baking. It’s bad. And last night I went to sleep telling myself that I want to make a really rich, creamy, and fattening dessert tomorrow.. just because I was craving FAT! (maybe my body is telling me something??)

However, I didn’t end up making anything nearly as ‘fattening’ and I was hoping.. lol. It always happens like that.

I first set up office.

Enter, my office:


Great right!? I play tunes + get to eat all day. Love my office. ;)

Can you guess what I made?


Hmm.. what about now?



Healthy strawberry oat squares!


I love using our new pansies as photo props!


Puuuurty colors!


I ate a whole row of these out of the pan. :D Hehe.

I love these! Very creamy tasting and looove the berries on top although I wish I would’ve used fresh instead of frozen + cut them up a little more.

I also subbed in 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp peanut butter instead of using a full 1/2 cup of butter (Earth Balance). Turned out fab! I think next time I’ll replace all the butter with peanut butter like I did when I first made them.. I love the taste and creaminess it gives to the oat squares.

I’m going to try and experiment with different jam flavors!

Since my new obsession is Trader Joe’s fruit leathers, I had to taste test a new one for you all. You know.. for the blog.


This one was pretty good but I still think I prefer the apple raspberry flavor better.

I also noticed that you get two fruit leather strips in one pack! I had no idea since I usually eat it like a wild animal and just scarf it down. ;)


Pleasantly surprised. :cool:

Then I went to AC Moore craft store to get some goodies!

I wanted to get mason jars really bad but they didn’t have any in sets. :(

I was hoping to buy a 10 pack or something but I ended up just getting two separate jars. I’ll have to look around for some mason jars! I want to put my chia seeds + other baking/cooking ingredients in them after I sanitize them in the dishwasher.

I also found some cool fabrics that I’ll be using for my pictures! Such a great idea to sub in fabric for your placemats. Sometimes you find the greatest patterns.


Had to get this pastry roller.. and parchment paper! Finally I have some parchment in my life. Ohhhh yeaaa!

I’m going to be rolling everything now, even my hair with this, so be forewarned.

Just kidding.. because that would be beyond un-sanitary. ;)


New ‘placemat’!!!

Love these little fabric swatches. They were kind of expensive ($2.67.. approximately. why do I know this?) so I’ll probably buy a few here and there when I get a chance to go to AC Moore. I’ll primarily stick to real placemats because I think you get a better deal + they’ll last long and probably wont rip like these fabrics seem like they eventually would.

Lunch was a bunch of romaine lettuce + chickpeas + Mmmm sauce (note to self: make more of this!) + leftover grilled veggies.


I took a few bites but I was definitely not feelin’ this lunch!

Don’t you hate when you make a reaaaally good lunch but just aren’t feeling like eating it at that particular moment/day?

I ended up creating a smorgasbord of little snacks for lunch since I refuse to stuff my face with something that I am truly not enjoying. Love making smorgasbord’s!!!


Watermelon slices + 2 carrots + Ezekiel bread with peanut butter + banana + whole grain tortilla chips & salsa!

I looove dipping my veggies in salsa. YuUuMMmers.


Well, I’m off to eat my pumpkin pie oats, do some sort of run  + hopefully pick up a few more veggie + fruit seeds for my garden. It’s slooooowly coming together, but don’t worry, I will post all my pictures + updates once I get gardening!


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