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April 21, 2011

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Good morning!

Wow, did I have ONE rough day yesterday! I’m not sure if it was technically rough, as in overly annoying and difficult, but I just did not stop moving which is unusual for me! I love being busy though. I’m used to hangin’ around home and not doing too much but I love when I have a lot to do for the day – I have something to look forward to!

I felt like a little bee, buzzin’ everywhere. ;) Watch out I don’t sting ya! Kidding.. maybe.. hehe.

I also missed blogging so much! I was so busy Tuesday/yesterday studying that there was no way I was going to squeeze in a good quality blog post. So I thought I’d wait and post today what I’ve been up to the past few days!

I woke up Tuesday with a strong, urging desire to go to the bestest place in the whole wide world!

Trader Joe’s. I love you. You love me (or should I say, my wallet). We love each other.

It’s pretty much a mutual (and never ending) bond.


  • watermelon (YUM, don’t need to explain this!)
  • mango slices (again, a no brainer & I had a dream about eating them, so I had to restock.)
  • white bean & basil hummus (LOVE BASIL so of course, I got this.)
  • fruit leathers!!!!!!! (dying to try these!!! love the colors)

First up, ze hummus.


Demolished this. So good. I love this hummus!!!

It’s so so creamy and I love the basil. I definitely like this more than traditional hummus. Way more. 100x more. I want to try to recreate it at home too. It seems pretty easy to make so we’ll see! I just so happen to have a can of white beans in my pantry just dying to be mixed together with lots of basil and garlic.

After fillin’ up on hummus I tortured myself by staring at these books for 4 hours:


I studied for a total of 4 hours straight on this table, and at school + the library another total of 4 hours.

Which brings this days grand total toooooooooooooooo.. 8 hours! YAY! (not.)

My favorite thing in the absolute whole wide world is NOT studying. I would take 80 million college classes if I never had a test in one of them. :D Heh.

I tried to invite a study buddy, too!






To fade..


Some study buddy! Pfffft. I’ll be cancelling all future study sessions.

After nearly draining all my brain cells of their knowledge, I figure I better eat lunch!

I tried a new soup that I picked up at the store a little while ago..


Wolfgang Puck’s Hearty Garden Vegetable Soup. Hollar!

Check out those pearly whites.. dang. So endearing. ;)


LOVED this soup!

It tasted so creamy and luxurious although it looks really brothy. I’m definitely going to be picking up a few more cans of this for easy meals. It has a pretty high amount of sodium though (800g per 1/2 can I think) so I’m going to enjoy this in moderation.

Although, I have to add more salt to my diet (Dr’s orders) because I have extremely low blood pressure (106/60-112/70). I still avoid salt though as much as possible because I don’t like to pump myself with sodium! Talk about bloated, yo.


Then it was back to studying.. but after a while, I just HAD to try out a fruit leather.

Behold the apple raspberry fruit leather:


Holy. Yum.

Is there a discount offered on these? Because I’m about to go buy stock in fruit leathers.

This is such a great little snack to quench your sweet tooth or when you want to bite down and chew something really hard when you’re aggravated with studying and not understanding accounting methods.


Since I pretty much just stuck my hand in all the fruit leather bins and picked out whatever, next time I’ll make sure to get the flavors I love and this is one of them! I’ll do a little review of most of the flavors on the blog as I eat them for 1) you and 2) so I can look back and see which ones I liked and disliked. :D

Onto Wednesday..

I took my tests and wanted to jump up and down 300x since I was SOOO happy they were ova!! And it’s the weekend. Hollar.

UPDATE: I ended up getting a 103 on one of my tests (the other one hasn’t been graded)! Boooya. I guess the fruit leathers gave me maximum brain powder. Looks like I need to go buy more fruit leathers to get smarter. ;)

I also went to the gym for a quick 30 minute elliptical sesh + abs before going to my grandparents marriage ceremony..


My pops wasn’t baptized under the Catholic church so he is currently going through classes and will be officially Catholic on Saturday night which is why they got re-married (so they could both be married as Catholic’s). It was very nice + short and wasn’t like the wedding your thinking of. Just a few prayers + readings + words from the Father and they were married.. again.

I was also asked by my Nana to do a reading!!! I had to read a passage they picked out. Yikes.

I had to face my fear of public speaking. I’m so bad at it. LOL.

There was only about 10 people in the room total (all family) so it wasn’t too bad. However, I am taking a public speaking class for my summer course (to get more credits for transfer) so that should be VERY INTERESTING. Like, for real, I tremble and mumble jumble my words when I talk in front of other people. I have no idea why but I wish I didn’t have such a problem with it!

Please tell me I’m not alone on this one!?!!?

After the ceremony we went out to dinner and me and my dad ended up walking home (the restaurant is only about 1/2 mile from our house). It was soo nice out (60*!!!) which was a pleasant surprise since earlier in the day it was cold + wet + foggy! It felt good to take a refreshing walk after dinner. I might try to do this more often!


Pretty sky!

It’s now Thursday morning and I’m enjoying a hot bowl of pumpkin pie oats.. my favorite. Time to relax on the couch with my oats and a warm cup of coffee + lemon water. Ahhhhh.


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