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April 19, 2011

I Should Just..

Declare myself vegan.

I don’t drink milk, eat eggs, or any other dairy really.

However, I love cheese. And my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. And assorted restaurant sweets. Ok, and I’ll eat real butter on a piece of really crusty, crunchy Italian bread on occasion.

To put it simply, I’m afraid to ‘take the plunge.’

So as you can see, I have a situation..

Here’s how I’ll solve this snafu:

  • Live a vegetarian lifestyle, as per usual
  • Declare myself vegan in some aspects of my life

I’m sort of on the border here. Give up pizza!? Ermm.. ;)

And since I love ricotta more than the average human being should, I need to give and take when I can.

I can guarantee this though, I will:

  • Devote myself to the lifestyle I choose to live
  • Devote myself to standing up for something I believe in
  • Devote myself to standing up against animal abuse

To me, vegetarianism, and veganism, is what you define it.

I know some people out there are really strict about the definition of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and are probably cursing at me calling me hypocrite but hey, if one more person in the world is making an attempt to sway toward a more environmentally & animal friendly lifestyle then what is the problem?

I do not like to define my current lifestyle as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’ or whatever..

I don’t like the whole label game. I don’t like when people just label themselves to be trendy or ‘cool’. I feel like sometimes people focus more on the label they’re going to give themselves rather than what it actually means to them. I could care less what others thought of my lifestyle or if they even knew about what types of foods I do or don’t eat (although I looove to ‘preach’ about my lifestyle and say how beneficial it is ;)).

I’m just me.

I’m Julie. I’m not a label. I am me.

My dad didn’t know I was a vegetarian for a good 3 months. I didn’t tell him. He didn’t know. All was good in he world. I didn’t care to push my lifestyle on him or any of my other family members.

I’m just doin’ me. And ‘me’ is a animal loving, vegetable obsessed (for real.. I love veggies), cheese crazed girl.

I limit my dairy intake, I don’t eat meat/poultry, and when I’m out dining at a restaurant, I eat shrimp or crab cakes when there’s nothing else for me to munch on.

Judge me. Label me. Whatever.

I live a lifestyle that isn’t defined by current trends or people, I live a lifestyle that suits me and is me.

I am a Julietarian. Aka I define my lifestyle. It’s me!

Ahhhhh, I just had to get that off my chest!

I originally planned to write about a really delicious grilled veggie + couscous salad with a balsamic reduction but my mind wandered to this subject and I’m glad I rolled with it.

Annnnnnyways, today I’m going to run some errands for my mom and hit up Trader Joe’s. I actually had a dream I was eating mango slices so maybe that’s a sign..

Pre-errands fuel was some oats!


Enjoyed with Mr. Bunny McBunnyster.

You haven’t seen these in a while..


Pumpkin pie oats make a return.. nom nom nom.


Loooove pumpkin. It is so dreamy and creamy and uhh-mazing in oatmeal.

Oh, and in case you don’t already know how evil squirrels are:


They chewed a dang hole in my $9 bird feeder!!

I guess that’s the kind of quality you get for paying $9 though. ;)

I also have two tests tomorrow (MAJOR YIKES!!! RUN. FOR. THE. HILLS.) so I’m going to have to buckle down and study my booty off.

The one test I’m nervous about is accounting, but I just need to remind myself that I know my stuff and I got this!

I’m a firm believer that if you say you can do something, you’re going to achieve it. And if you say you’re going to get an A++ on a really hard accounting test, you’re going to get it. Self-fulfilling prophecy, peeps.

Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday :)


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