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April 16, 2011

BBQ Party In My Mouth

Hi guys!

Yesterday went pretty well at the doctors all though I haven’t gotten the results yet. Most likely though I bet I will be told I’m anemic (low iron) since the doctor could pretty much tell by just doing a few initial looksies at me. I’m usually a pro at giving blood and have no problem with it, I even donated blood before. However, yesterday I felt quite nervous and anxious! No idea why. It’s odd how my body can react to different things at different times. I guess I just don’t want anything to be wrong with me or that I’ve been doing anything detrimental to my health by becoming a vegetarian (all though the benefits by far outweigh the negatives, I do have to say). I have experienced better mood, energy, skin, etc since becoming vegetarian. I try to be well aware of what I need to eat more/less of for the day so I’m hoping I’m not deficient in too many things (if any).

I have to admit, it was sort of funny to see my doctors reaction when I told her I don’t drink cows milk/eat eggs anymore (never really liked eggs). She looked at me like I had 5 eyes. I wish she knew how devoted I am to my health and how aware and educated I am about the lifestyle I choose to live! Oh well, not everyone needs understand me. ;) My mom told me it’s good to be different though – and I totally agree!

High fives all around for being ‘different’!

To be precautious, I brought along the rest of my Pom juice to the doc’s just in case I needed some sugar post-blood giving (pfffft, I always need sugar ;)).


31g sugars!! That should be enough. ;)


I also ate about a 1/2 bag of frozen veggies once I got home for good measure.

Plus, I try to sneak in lots of veggies whenever I can!


Rewind to the morning..

I had some cherry chocolate bomb vegan overnight oats (LOVING these) than dragged my booty to the gym.

I was dreading my workout and did not want to run but I did it anyway.

I had a CRAZY sweaty 5k run on the treadmill. I was going to run outside but it got cloudy + cold and I knew I wouldn’t get motivated so I hit up the gym to be around like-minded people. I ‘accidentally’ wore a long sleeve, black cotton Nike shirt and sweated my butt off which made my run uncomfortable! It would’ve been a nicer run if I had worn short sleeves but live and learn.

I mixed things up and was quite happy I did!

  • 5k run
  • .20 mile cool down
  • 350 cals
  • incline 1.0
  • mile 1: speed 6.0, mile 2: speed 6.1, mile 3: speed 6.2, mile .10: speed 6.3

I spiced things up and sort of did a tempo run of sorts and increased my speed every mile. I looooved doing this! I had something to look forward to every mile and it forced me to run negative splits which I’m trying so hard to do lately.

So glad I got that work out in and didn’t blow it off!

Lunch post gym was Mama Pea’s deeeeelicious No-Egg Salad.


MmMmmMMmM. These were seriously SO. GOOD. I made two because my buns were tiny.

I also bought more tofu.. pre-cooked smoked tofu that was pretty much like a BBQ party in my mouth. I loved the smoky flavor of it!

I know I’ve written about tofu, and soy in general, in the past and sadly after reading up some more on soy products I think that the packet of smoked tofu that I bought yesterday to make this salad will be the last of tofu that I’ll buy for a while. Reading about all the dangers and set-backs of soy really scare me! I wish this salad weren’t so dang good though! I sooo want to eat this for lunch for the next few days since I have a ton left but I’m going to hold off ‘till Monday to eat some for lunch and then I’m going to disregard eating tofu for a while. I understand it’s fine in moderation (1-2x/week) but I tend to get attached to certain foods and this is one of them. I need to stop eating it so much because I am starting to consider it as one of my protein sources and I like to eat wholesome protein sources like chickpeas, quinoa, beans, nuts, etc.


I savored every single bite. :D

I might even try making this without tofu and somehow replace it by using smoked chickpeas! Or salt and vinegar chickpeas!? Y.U.M. I love anything salt and vinegar. MmMm.

Thursday night’s dinner was also pretty darn good and very fresh + light!


I made a bunch of grilled veggies + couscous + balsamic reduction. I’ll be posting the recipe for this soon! I love the colors of everything and it was perfect for the warm night we were having.

Yesterday was also my parents 22nd anniversary together! Congrats mom and dad. :D The love they have for each other and me and brother and sisters is astounding. I love them both so much.

I’m off to eat some gingersnap cookie VOO that I made since I’m experimenting with lots of VOO combos since Spring is here and the cold oats season has begun! I added some blackstrap molasses into this batch for a boost of iron, too! Then I’ll be hitting up a spin class to get all hot and sweatay. Ohhhyeaaa.

Enjoy your day!


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