Concerns Of Being A Vegetarian

I know I just posted a song the other day, but I must present to you my new ‘love’ songs that I’ love with.


I’m such a softy lately. What’s up with that!? I’m usually a total goofball 24/7 (I don’t put my inner goofiness on the blog often, because, well, then I’d have no readers :D). Mainly because I am such a total dorkazoid and TOTAL GOOFBALL. For real. You all have no idea. LOL! You should see some of the pictures I take..






“Gingers” :mrgreen:


Note: I WAS NOT eating at McDonalds. Last year in the Summer me and my mom saw Dora and her little buddy so we thought it would be hilarious to include this picture in the family photo album.

Hehe. My booty is all up on Dora.. awkward..



I am also dating a goofball.

I’m a big peace sign and ‘thumbs-up’ advocate. Can you not tell?


Yeah, understand now!? And that’s not even half the picture. Hehe. It doesn’t look so bad, but that’s because I’m storing the other 2367864 goofy pics in my life archives. I’ll leak them over time. ;)

Enough goofy pics though.. I could post those all day. :D I love a good laugh!

Yesterday, I had to babysit my little cousin for a few hours so naturally, we went to the park!


And look who we dragged along..



He actually stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and wouldn’t walk anymore so my cousin said,
“just leave him there.” LOL! My wittle Chippy. I picked him up and brought him over to the bench where we cuddled.



My cousin wanted to be pushed on the swing and Chipster wouldn’t walk 5 steps to help me push her, so I tied him to the bench. All of 2 feet away. He was freaking. Swing pushing lasted 3 minutes.


We eventually made it home where I made iced tea!


In the mix is freshly brewed loose leaf green + rooibos tea + lemon slices + ice ice baby!


Pre-park lunch was Jessica’s chickpea salad!


Minus the bacon (obvs) and smoked paprika (only had regular). I added red pepper flakes, though. Yum!


I used the cutest green bell pepper ever!


Like all things, it was almost too good to eat. ALMOST.


Since I’ve been on a real VOO kick and am loving layering my oats with banana soft serve, I went off to the grocery store to get some ripe bananas + veggies for dinner.


I got the deal of the century on these beauties. $1.37 for all 4!!!!!

I’m sorry folks, but that’s a sure fire way to spend a dollar!

And since I had a hankering for some tart pomegranate juice..


Also on sale ($1 off) but still $3.47. Ouch!

Concerns Of Being A Vegetarian

Since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve always had thoughts of what I’m lacking in my diet.

  • Do I get enough calcium?
  • Am I strong enough? Do I get enough protein?
  • Do I eat enough Iron rich foods?
  • Do I get enough B12?

Recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of forgetfulness and have been jumbling up my words a bit when talking. I normally never forget anything so I thought it was super odd that this has been happening to me. Only recently did I tell my mom about this and then I was able to schedule an appointment with my doctor. I have been wanting to get a blood test done anyways to see what I’m deficient in so I can make sure to take extra vitamins for certain things.

As a vegetarian, I am always concerned about what I am/am not getting enough of. Too much calcium? Too little? Too little B12? I stopped drinking cows milk so I started to take a calcium tablet from Nature’s Made brand. I think it has about 75% calcium in one tablet and I also take a multivitamin every morning. However, I read that you don’t absorb calcium too well when it’s from a vitamin. Bummmmer. I’m not overly obsessed with vitamins because I think a good amount of my vitamins come from my diet (what I eat) but I always like to have all bases covered because I never know when I may/may not get enough veggie/fruit servings in one day.

It can be scary to be a vegetarian and all of a sudden see your body transforming and your mind as well. I’m thinking my forgetfulness may be linked to low irons levels but we’ll have to see.

I’m going to my doctors today to get a blood test done and hopefully I’ll be able to figure out why I have been so forgetful. I’m also looking forward to finding out what I need to do/not do differently so I can be the healthiest I can be!

Since becoming a vegetarian/vegan, has anyone else experience problems with their body/health?

I’m hoping it’s nothing serious (which I don’t think it will be) but I always like to be sure! I’ll let you all know the results when I get them back from the blood test.

I’m off to relax a little before I squeeze in a 3 mile run and eat my veggies!

PS – I’m working on my ‘About Me’ page! (I know finally right!?) I can’t wait to have it up and let you guys know a bit more about me.

Happy Friday :D :D

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5 Comments to “Concerns Of Being A Vegetarian”

  1. I hope everything goes well at your doctors appointment girl. I imagine that would be pretty scary! I gave up meat for lent this year and I have only experienced positive things so far. I have only been vegetarian for a little while though now, so I am not quite sure if it would be different if I continued for a longer time? But I definitely always try to manage everything I eat and make sure I am getting proper levels of everything too. Sometimes it can definitely be hard though. This was a great post! Hope you have a great day! :)

  2. haha these photos made me laugh. I am a total goofball/weirdo too. Since I’ve given up meat I’ve had a few weeks where I was low on energy so I started focussing on drinking more water and taking vitamin b12 and D.

  3. I became a Vegetarian last July and since then I have had a lot of energy issues.. I wasnt sure if it was all the training for half marathons I was doing or what.. Finally my mom said enough is enough and made me go to the doctor to get blood work done last Friday.. I just heard back from the doc Tuesday and she said everything looked great except I was severly anemic (low iron) Ah Ha! I was told to take an Iron Pill once daily and come back in a month for lab work to check it out! Good luck with your appointment! :)

  4. That’s what I’m trying to incorporate more with the iron supplement hoping it’ll help! :)

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