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April 10, 2011

A Fresh New Look

Hey guys!

I am having a suuuper lazy Sunday.

I woke up at 9:45 AM! That’s late for me!! I think I got 10 + hours of sleep. I guess my body needed it to prepare for the week ahead.

How was your weekend? Anything fun you did? Any races? I had a pretty relaxing weekend and started my day off today with a relaxing, comforting bowl of oatmeal.


…or so I thought was a relaxing bowl of oatmeal.

While I was adding in the pumpkin, scorching hot milk flew up at burned my wrist! Owwies. It hurts!

Not like that kind of stuff never happens to me.. I am usually a crazy woman in the kitchen running around everywhere gathering up ingredients lol. Note to self: slow down!

Regardless, it was a good bowl of oatmeal and I now have scars to prove it. I’m a kitchen warrior. Ouurah!

I should also start making something other than pumpkin pie oats since it’s Spring and not Fall. Double oops.

I have a pumpkin obsession and every time I go to the supermarket I end up gravitating toward the baking isle to pick up pumpkin.


I love how much it bulks oatmeal. This was a humongous bowl of oatmeal. Seriously big!

In ze bowl of contradiction (because it’s a Summer bowl and has Fall flavors in it, hehe): oats + almond milk + pumpkin + spices + chia seeds + pure maple syrup + pecans.


Let’s rewind to yesterday..

After a ridiculously sweating spin class I refueled with a smoothie.


I think the more I use my Amazing Grass Chocolate Infusion Amazing Meal the more I love it. It’s seriously getting better and better the more I try it. It used to taste so earthy but now I love it and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Maybe I’ll get really crazy and start taking wheatgrass shots in the morning!?


I also really love adding it to VOO! So so chocolatey.

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • ~ 1/2 cup frozen sweet cherries
  • 1 tbsp Amazing Grass Chocolate Infusion
  • 1-2 ice cubes
  • 1/2 frozen banana (optional, I didn’t have any but it’d add extra creaminess)

Directions: Blend, blend, blend & slurp!

This was nice and refreshing and supplied my muscles with lots of protein to recover.

I really loved the chocolate hint from the protein powder. Yummers.

I also had some falafel + globs ‘o tzatziki. Um, yea, kind of in love with tzatziki over hur.


In case you didn’t know, tzatziki is a greek yogurt based dip and it’s the most delicious thing ever! I wonder if I could toss it with warm pasta? Or would that be weird!? I guess that’s wishful thinking since I’m a pasta addict.

You can find tzatziki in almost any grocery store by the hummus.


After stuffing my face with some other odds & ends snacks + fruits (I was craving water all day [I never crave water.. I mean, why would anyone? It’s so boring!] so I stuffed my face with high water content fruits like grapes + apples), I went to get my make-up done!

It was a lot of fun to sit in a chair and have someone pamper you and make you look all puuurty.

The girl who was doing my make-up was really nice and made the experience much more enjoyable. Sometime make-up artists can be a little rude (from my own experience!) but she was a sweet girl and totally understood what I wanted done.

I told her I wanted a fresh look for Spring, with no foundation + powder + stuff like that and something I can spruce up for nighttime. She ended up doing a nice natural look for the day time with some light browns and spruced it up with a darker brown eye shadow for nighttime. I wish I could replicate the look at home! I think I’m pretty good at make-up though so I shouldn’t have too hard of a time trying to do what she did to me. Of course, she’s a pro so it won’t be tip-top but it’ll be good enough for me!

I also got a tinted foundation for the daytime + nighttime. I used to wear face make-up all the time (as in powders and stuff like that) but I want to go more natural and I don’t like having all that gook on my face. It’s a light moisturizer and offers some coverage so that’s a bonus for me! I think I’ll mix it with my regular non-tinted moisturizer to have it last longer and really stretch a buck. I think it was $50 for just the moisturizer. Ouch! I think that hurts more than my oatmeal burn. LOL..


Here’s everything I picked up from left to right: paint pot, lipgloss, 2 eye shadows, tinted moisturizer, mascara.

First off is my favorite thing I bought:


Lip gloss!!!! Holla! I got a lip gloss from their new line called dazzleglass. It’s extra sparkly and I just LOVE it. I’m a sparkles kinda gal.

My eye shadows:


I got a light light brown shade for highlighting my eyes/brows and a darker brown to transition from daytime to nighttime. She put 2 other colors on me but I have a lot of brown colors at home so I didn’t feel the need to buy them since I have similar shades to what she used on me already. Savin’ some moolah!

My paint pot:


This stuff is going to be my new BFF. It’s a eye shadow primer and helps your eye shadow stay on longer + won’t crease. It also acts as a creamy eye shadow and you can wear it for a really natural look all day long. I love it. It’s easy to put on (just use your finger) and seems like a good investment. We’ll see!

Tinted Moisturizer + Mascara:


Hehehe my moisturizer if such a pale color. Hey, I’m pale what can I say!? I love that it has SPF 15 though. Every time I buy a moisturizer I make sure to buy SPF to protect my skin. I have had my fair share of days spent in tanning booths and those days are over. I love my skin the way it is now and I actually think since I’ve become a vegetarian + no more tanning booths it’s really shining.

I bought Buxom mascara from Sephora (only thing I bought from there) as a recommendation from my friend. I am always on the hunt for a super lengthening + bold mascara and I hope this fits the bill! She says she loves it so I’m sure I will. I love big,  bold eye lashes :D.

Kissy face ‘cause I’m SOOO cool right?


Attempt to smile:


Here’s a closer look at my make-up. I tried to get a good pic but they just weren’t doing my make-up justice!


I looked like a million dollas in real life.

I need a full time make-up artist.


But wouldn’t that be fun/awesome? I know I sound like Madonna right now, but don’t act like you don’t think those things too. ;)

We also went out to dinner at my favorite Steakhouse where I nearly busted my ass 20 times in my cherry wedges! They had hardwood floors and that just isn’t the right flooring for a slippery shoe bottom (note: I scored the bottoms of my shoes before going out to add a little more friction. If you ever buy a high heel shoe with a slippery bottom, just score it a few times with a knife and it helps to add some friction so you don’t fall!). I was walking like a granny so I didn’t fall. I hate looking like I can’t walk in heels (‘cause I can strut it out, trust me!) but I’d rather not fall on my butt yenno?

This is what remained after dinner:


Nothing! lol.

I ate truffled popcorn with sea salt (SO good) at the bar and when we sat down a wheat bun slathered with roasted garlic (obsessed with garlic) + a spinach salad + crab cake for dinner (da bomb) with a smorgasbord side plate with samples of french fries + truffled tator tots (AMAZING!) + mac & cheese + au gratin potatoes and raspberry sorbet for dessert. It sounds like a lot of heavy food but I only had a few bites of each.

My belly was singing happy tunes after this meal. :lol:

Well, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend and do some homework. I also might take Chippy for a walk since he’s gettin’ some rolls lol! I need to stop giving him boneys but he’s just so cute I can’t resist. :D

I’m also going to the gym later with my friend for an elliptical sesh + lift some weights. I love to sweat, don’t you??

Enjoy your Sunday Funday!


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