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April 9, 2011

You Can’t Win ‘Em All

Hi everybody! How’s your weekend so far!?

I’m glad you all liked my tips about food photography! I hope I helped you all out because I wish someone would’ve given me some tips when I was in the dark about food blogging and how to photograph and ways to enhance my pictures.

In case you missed the post, here are my food blogging tips for beginning food photographers.

Yesterday I noticed a tree that started blooming in our yard..


Another sign of Spring!


Anyone know what type of tree this is? It’s so puuurty!!


Breakfast also had some resemblance to this tree..


Cherry chocolate bomb VOO!

Omg. Seriously.. to. die. for. I am in love with these oats.

I love the pink color too.


So so so so soooo good.

I’ll be putting these on repeat. :mrgreen:

Post-oats I had a bunch of loose leaf green + rooibos tea.



Then I tried to pull on my compression socks..


Compression socks are soooo hard to get on!!! I feel like I’m pulling on a wet suit!

After lots of tugging and pulling..



Then I tried to psyche myself up for my run.


Look at Ginger looking at my guns lol.

Gotta fake it ‘till you make it!


Practicing my stride, yo!

I was feeling great.. fresh air + good music + awesome knee high compression socks. Everything was going swimmingly (runningly?) until mile 1.3.

I was able to bang out a 9 minute mile but after there it was all downhill.

I don’t know what was up yesterday but I just couldn’t get into the groove. I was slow and my legs felt like there was 10 pound lead weights tied to them. I had to stop at least 5 times to catch my breath and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming miles. I had planned on running 6 miles yesterday but just before I left I settled on doing 4. Little did I know I’d have such a hard time practically pulling out 3 miles!

I don’t know why but it was insanely hard to run outside. I don’t understand because I can run 5+ miles on the treadmill no problem. Maybe because I haven’t ran outside in a while and the combination of the elevation + air wasn’t doing me any good? Whatever the reason, I’d say it was one of the worst runs of my running career. I’m going to try to run once per week from now on to help get back to my outdoor running status (I last ran 6 miles outside in January).

I was slow and it seemed like I was a totally newbie at running. Bleh!!!

I compromised with myself and decided to just finish out 3 miles and then walk the rest back home. My running was getting sloppy and my ankles were bending in weird ways too (aka asking for an injury!!!).

With all my stopping, I managed to run 3 miles in 29 minutes. Not too bad, huh? I guess it just seems much worse to me because I had to keep pausing. I also paused my Garmin each time I stopped.

I ended up walking .55 miles home and rounded out my time on the streets at 36 minutes with a total distance of 3.55 miles.

I guess you can’t win ‘em all..

With all bad things comes good things though. I got to see some pretty tulips by our church that I otherwise would’ve blown right past by if I were running!



After my run I grabbed a no bake vegan date square to refuel. MmmmMmMMm.


Then I went to the Holy Mecca of all things shoes..



Ladies, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about ;).

Nordstrom’s rocks! They have the best shoe selection ever and have lots of edgy + cute + playful + fun shoes. Pretty much a shoe for everyone’s own personal style.

I got these:


Seriously THE cutest shoes E.V.E.R.

I saw them online and had to get them so I drove to the store and got myself a pair ;). I’ll be wearing them out to dinner tonight!

After I got home I was staaarved so I made a quick lunch.


Whole wheat pita bread + red onion slices + cucumber garlic tzatziki + homemade falafel I made the other day! This is the best freakin’ falafel I’ve ever made in my whole entire life. And best tasting too! They are like pillowy balls of heaven. No lie.

I’ll be posting the recipe for them within the next few days.


I looooove the color of them!


A nice yellow-y color from the turmeric + cumin + paprika. Loving these. BIG time.

Me and my friend are going to spin class this morning and then to MAC to get our make-up done/a fresh new look for the Spring/Summer season!

I’m sooooo excited. I wish I could bring you all with me so we could all get our make-up done together!

I love when people play with my make-up and do my hair lol. I could sit in a chair forever while someone plays with my hair. Anyone else with me on this one??

I’ll post tomorrow what I chose for my new look. Hint: I’m trying to go more natural. Right now I wear a lot of browns/earthy tones on my eyes and I’m hoping to do the same just figure out more techniques to applying eye shadow/different ways to mix it up. I don’t wear any face make-up except moisturizer so I’ll most likely only be buying eye shadows + eyeliners + lip gloss.

This girl loooves to shop and I think I’ve been stimulating the economy a lil too much lately ;).

With all of this shopping I’m doing the U.S. be out of this economic ‘recession’ in no time!

Oh well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and this girl gotta shop! Mk!?

We’re also going out to dinner at one of my favorite steakhouses evaaa (yes, I said a steakhouse and I’m vegetarian). They have great side dishes + the most delicious crab cakes ever (I eat crab [seafood] only when out & only when there’s no other options)!

I’ll report back to you all tomorrow with my new make-up look + a recap of tonight’s dinner but for now I’m off to sweat my booty off in spin!


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