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April 1, 2011

Fishy Friendly Sushi

Is this a joke part 1:

Yesterday morning Sean advised me he wanted OATMEAL for breakfast! I was shocked! I had no idea he liked oatmeal so as soon as he told me that all sorts of ideas started running through my head. What kinds of toppings should I use? Does he like pumpkin? Will he eat chia seeds?

He told me he wanted simple oatmeal, just oats, milk + cinnamon. Uhm, boring! So I set up an array of toppings instead, hoping to lure him in with some delicious pure maple syrup.


I mixed together my oats (pumpkin pie) and then I made his. I actually snuck a little flaxseed in his (don’t tell him ;)) for added nutrients. He had no idea. Mwahaha.

His + hers:


Obviously mine looks 100x more appetizing than his boring oatmeal ;). He kept saying, “why would anyone put toppings on oatmeal? It doesn’t need to be fancy, Jul.” Uh.. EARTH TO INDIANA JONES: why would anyone not put toppings on oatmeal!?

Low and behold, he took one bite and hated it :(. I was crushed. He said it tasted like sandpaper LOL! What the… ?

I gobbled up all of mine though and made him chocolate chip banana nut muffins for today’s breakfast (which he loved! recipe to come soon).


Is this a joke part 2:

Upon waking, I realized we had no oats and verrrry little almond milk.

So I had to get creative.

Any guesses as to what I used? ;)


I’ll post the recipe soon! It was really good and actually mimicked the texture and thickness of oatmeal. Wooo!

Is this a joke part 3:

For lunch yesterday I made Sean and I paninis. I made my perfect veggie panini and he had a mozzarella + tomato + roasted red peppers & basil + balsamic panini. So crispy and crunchy! We had a side of balsamic vinegar for dipping (since we’re obsessed). I also took a cookie dough ball out of the freezer to thaw for him to eat after lunch. Well, like all men do, Sean started to play with his food, and look where the cookie dough ball ended up:


IN THE BALSAMIC!!!! AHHHHHHH. Is this some sort of sick joke!? My beloved cookie dough ball was wasted in the bath of balsamic. Waaaaaaaah. :(

He ended up having one later on the day and actually said it tasted just like real cookie dough!! Yahoo! That means it really does, because when Sean says something is good, it is. He’s a meat and potatoes kinda guy so his opinion means a lot.

Is this a joke part 4:

Sushi anyone!?


Hehehehe. Gotcha! APRIL FOOLS!!!

This is what I’d like to call fishy friendly sushi. No fish were harmed in the making of this recipe :).

Fishy Friendly Sushi

  • 3 rice crispie treats
  • 1 green fruit roll up
  • 9 sweedish fish

Directions: Cut rice crispie into 3rd’s. Wrap a thin slice of your green fruit roll up around the rice crispie and then top each one with a sweedish fish!

The ingredients:


Such quality ingredients we have over here, folks ;).

I kid, I kid.

These are easy peasy! What a fun treat :D.


Albeit, they aren’t the healthiest but they are fun and cute to look at!

I saw the idea for these in Cosmo the other day.


The rice crispie acts as the rice, the green fruit roll up as the seaweed and the fishy as well, the fishy!

I love saying fishy.

Fishy, fishy, fishy.

Guess that explains why Finding Nemo is my favorite movie.


I’m leaving these on my kitchen counter in hopes that I’ll fool someone today ;).

Well, Sean and I are off to Trader Joe’s to pick up mango slices and hopefully oats + almond milk.

Have a fantastic Friday!!!

Have you been fooled today? What’s one memorable joke that was played on you on April fools day before?


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