FULL of Suprises!

Surprise #1:

Yesterday while blogging and watching Giada DiLaurentiis cook amazing food on the Cooking Channel (new favorite cooking channel, waaay better than the food network!) I heard the doorbell ring.

Thinking nothing of it I made my little sister get it. My dad kept telling me to get the door because he thought it was someone for me, but considering I never have anyone come to my house randomly, I ignored him. Eventually, my little sister said, ‘it’s for you’ so I got off my booty, annoyed that I had to get the door, and nearly fainted when I touched the door knob.

IT WAS SEAN!!!!!!!!

Here’s the picture my mom took a soon as he came in the door. She was in on the surprise (and so was my dad)!


Of course Chippy was there and my face is like, “OMG !@!#!@@!!”

He flew in all the way from Missouri and surprised me!!!!!! I was speechless I had no idea what to say! I just started crying LOL.

This time he totally caught me off guard and I had NO IDEA he was coming. I love that boy :).

Surprise #2:

A couple days ago I got a comment from one of my favorite bloggers, Brittaney from Fit Chick Britt, telling me she nominated me for the stylish blogger award!


She has an awesome healthy living blog that focuses on eating well, living a healthful life, and fitness. She also biked 51 miles over the past weekend! Booooyaaa. She even has a cool series where every Monday she posts a yummy 30-minute meal – perfect for any hectic workweek or day full of classes. She’s a pretty cool chick so go get your booty’s on over to her blog! Thanks Britt :D.

Once receiving an award you have to do a few things yourself:

  • You must mention the person who nominated you
  • Blog 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate another blogger for the award and notify them

Here we goooooo!

ONE: I used to play video games constantly as in, all day everyday. You can read more about it here. Not gonna lie, it was some of the best times of my life but thankfully, I have evolved ;).


TWO: I have an obsession with cookie dough balls. It’s getting serious. I think I consume about 4-5 per day and I am always restocking my supply. Send help.


THREE: I am lazy (don’t feel like buying or looking for another toothpaste tube) and have been squeezing the living daylights out of my current toothpaste tube to try and get every last drop out of it. Does anyone remember when the school nurse would tell you in second grade that you only need a dime sized drop of toothpaste on your toothbrush? Well, I am currently squeezing out micro-dime sized drops (if you could call it that) of toothpaste. Toothpaste donations are accepted in all shapes and forms.


Thin. As. Paper.

FOUR: I’ve been to the Russian Embassy in NYC for a club (Model United Nations) while in high school. It was soo sketchy! You walk in and the people are behind two way mirrors talking to you, everything is white and empty, and we were put in a square room which we were definitely being watched in. It was also surrounded by huge black metal gates. It was still a fun experience to talk to them though about all their policies, etc! I also went to the Sudanese Embassy in NYC for the same club. It was sad and very awkward to be talking to them (more like avoiding the subject!!) about the genocide happening in their country, Darfur. I also visited the United Nations twice.

Here’s a picture of me being totally awesome wearing a blue UN hat (I was probably 17 here):


FIVE: I used to model. One job I got was to model for party city, it was sooo fun to wear all the costumes and see what would be sold in stores during Halloween! They also have awesome headquarters with lots of candy and huge bubblegum machines. However, my modeling ‘career’ came with a lot of downsides that I’ll be talking about in the future.


SIX: I’m secretly a kitty kat.

(My sister + me):


SEVEN: I’m dating Indiana Jones.


AKA Sean on his 21st birthday… hence the beads + stylish hat. Ohhh yeaaa.

Now for my nomination…

I’m going to nominate Emma from Sweet Tooth Runner for the stylish blogger award!


I love her bright orange running shoes :D. Plus she’s super silly and loves oats + chocolate just as much as I do! Yess, never thought I’d meet someone who loves chocolate just as much as I do.

I love sharing the blog love!

What’s a random fact about you? Please tell me I’m not the only one dating an Indiana Jones wannabe.

5 Comments to “FULL of Suprises!”

  1. Thank you for the thoughful words about my blog :-)

    The toothpaste thing made me laugh! I grew up with a lot of sibblings so squeezing the tube to near death is a talent of mine. When hubby and I get too lazy to pick up some toothpaste (or forget) we play the “squeeze game”. I always win! He finally breaks down and is like “How the HECK are you still getting toothpaste out of that thing?!”

    Fun Fact about me: I used to be a “runway model” at a local mall. During back to school or prom season they would have a catwalk set up by a big department store and I got to be one of the models for the new clothes. I loved the idea of being a model but really I was so awkward and shy and probably looked a fool!

  2. Oh yeah and totally cool and sweet that Sean surprised you. I would have freaked!!

  3. You are the SWEETEST!! I dedicate my 7 facts to YOU as well, for being such an amazing and beautiful friend :)

    And I KNEW you must’ve been a model!! With those looks, how could you NOT?! And I am making those delish looking balls ASAP!! :D

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