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March 22, 2011

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

I can’t hold it in any longer.

I HAVE to share this recipe with you all. It’s addicting and SOOOO good.

I am jumping for joy to give all my lovely readers the most delicious, raw, amazing chocolate chip cookie dough ball that has ever crossed my lips.


I think I’ve eaten 20 cookie dough balls within the past day week and I am showing no signs of slowing down… nor do I want to ;).

I have been trying out a lot of recipes lately but none of them met my criteria for a healthy chocolate chip cookie dough ball…

They were either:

  1. too sugary
  2. packed little to no nutritious punch

I wanted something different. So I made something different and they are beyond words.

In my version I:

  1. decreased the sugar
  2. added nutritious oat flour
  3. ground flaxseed for omega’s

Minor changes really do add up! These are packed with lots of healthy fats and I really love them as a pre-workout snack or as an after dinner dessert. Or just whenever I really want some chocolate chip cookie dough (which is all the time).

These taste JUST like raw chocolate chip cookie dough and you know me, I don’t believe in processing raw dates + a little cocoa powder and callin’ it a brownie when, in fact, it tastes nothing like a brownie. If I’m going to make healthy food taste just like the real thing I want to put my all into it and have it actually taste like the real thing, and this does. I’m a tough cookie to please when it comes to having healthy foods taste like their decadent counterparts but this could compete with ‘real’ chocolate chip cookie dough and win any day of the week.

My absolute favorite way to eat these is after they have been in the freeze for about 30 minutes. SOOOOOO good. I really can’t get over how good these are. I know I keep saying that but until you make these for yourself, you won’t understand my obsession with these chocolate chip cookie dough balls.

They also have a gluten free option if you use gluten free oats!

Let’s get ballin’ shall we?

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Whether your in the midst of a deep chocolate chip cookie dough craving or want a satisfying, sweet snack, these are for you. They also have the option of being gluten free if you use gluten free rolled oats. They’re not overly sweet and would be perfect for snacks for kids, friends, family or as a fun dessert option during the Spring/Summer. They’re quick and only require using a food processor which makes for easy cleanup.

Adapted & Inspired by Angela’s dough balls

Yields 1 cup packed cookie dough or 16 tablespoon sized cookie dough balls.

  • 1 cup raw + unsalted, all natural cashews
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 1 heaping tbsp organic white sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp ground flaxseed (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp pure maple syrup
  • 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips


  1. Process the oats in a food processor until they are all ground up into a flour. Then, add in your cashews and process for about a minute until the mixture becomes slightly firm.
  2. Add in your organic sugar, ground flaxseed, salt and process until combined. Next, add in the vanilla extract and maple syrup and process for about another minute or until everything is combined and the mixture is firm.
  3. Add in your chocolate chips to the food processor and process OR you can fold in your chocolate chips with a spatula. I processed my chocolate chips with the dough to get little chocolatey bites throughout the cookie dough but it’s up to you if you want chunks of chocolate in your cookie dough.
  4. Serve immediately or freeze for about 20-30 minutes and eat cold! I keep mine in the freezer because they stay nice and firm. I wouldn’t leave these out for too long since the chocolate could melt so store in the fridge if you want a less firm cookie dough.


I was determined to make a chocolate chip cookie dough ball that would blow the socks off anyone, so I grabbed some paper + a pencil and got writing…


I picked a bunch of these cashews up at the store once I found them. I was having such a hard time finding raw unsalted cashews so when I found these I stocked up like a squirrel with nuts ;).

I’m nuts for nuts.


First, process your oats into a flour and then add in your cashews and process until it looks like this:


You should process it for about a minute so it gets thicker and slightly peels off the food processor as shown above. This makes it so the dough is thicker and is easier to form into dough balls.

After processing with your salt, flaxseed, organic sugar and salt add in the maple syrup + vanilla extract and it will turn into this:


Very thick and crumbly but makes firm cookie dough balls when you form them in your hands!

This is where you can either a) add in the chocolate chips to the dough and process until the chips are all crushed or b) fold in the chocolate chips. By processing in the chocolate chips I think it helped the dough stay a bit firmer but if you decide to fold in the chocolate chips let me know! I also found out that when the chips are kept whole, when you freeze the dough balls the chocolate chips get very hard and you nearly break a tooth when trying to bite into the balls!

This yields a cup packed cookie dough or about 16 tablespoon sized dough balls.

I also started to calculate the nutritional info on these bad boys so let me know if you guys want that info!


Roll into pillowy delicious balls of chocolatey chip cookie dough goodness…


I started to shoot my pictures in my kitchen by the sink for more natural lighting and I love how these pictures turned out. Even though the dough balls started to cast a slight shadow because the sun was going down I’m happy with how the pictures turned out!


Fun fact: I made that cutting board in my high school woodshop class freshman year.

I’m Martha Stewart meets Home Depot. ;)


I’m currently noshin’ on one of these delicious balls while writing this post!

I bet if your blind folded two people, put a ‘real’ chocolate chip cookie dough ball in front of them and my version of cookie dough, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The best thing about these dough balls is that they are raw without egg! I always feel weary about eating raw cookie dough with an uncooked egg in it.


You. Must. Make. These. NOW.

I have so many idea recipes involving these cookie dough balls.

Healthy never tasted so indulgent.

When I asked my sister what she thought she said, “you nailed it Jewel.”

I nailed it like a Home Depot carpenter.

Yes, I did.


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