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March 18, 2011

Trail Walking In The Vibram’s

Happy Friday!

Yesterday it was a warm and sunny 75* in Missouri! I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was. I wanted to bask in the sun all day. I kept joking how I’d be going back home with a tan :cool:.

We went for a walk on a trail near Sean’s house.

I wore these bad boys…


Sometimes the sun brings out the goofball in me.


I looove wearing my Vibram’s. They’re cozy and fit so well; I feel like I’m walking around in pajamas.

However, walking with these on rocks wasn’t the easiest. I definitely wouldn’t trail run in these but it also might depend on what model you buy. Since I have the sprints, I wouldn’t recommend trail running in them! They were fine to walk in, especially when the trail became more dirt-like than rock-like, but it still was awkward to walk on the stones. I felt like I was lacking support that otherwise a shoe would’ve given me. I walked all around campus yesterday in these and have yet to experience any problems so if you’re thinking about buying a pair for walking purposes, I’d say give it a go! I have yet to run outdoors in these but I’ll let you know what I think when I do!


So peaceful…


I love being outdoors in nature. I feel so at peace with myself and my surroundings.

Sean kept saying, “want me to take a picture of you for the blog!?” lol. He’s so cute :D.

He’s very supportive of my blogging and always asks me what recipe I’m going to put on the blog next. I love that he accepts my hobbies for what they are :).

I also went with Sean to watch him volunteer for one of his classes. He signed up for a program where he helps disabled children and adults ride horses. I love horses and used to ride all the time when I was younger so when he asked me to go I was so down.

I think I’m truly a country girl at heart. Dirt, the Earth, animals, fresh air- I love it all.



I rode horses for about 2 years but quit 2 times:

  1. when they were asking me to use the whip (I refused to hurt the horse!).
  2. when I was riding and a horse in front of mine bucked up and mine got scared and did the same.

I love horses. My pop pop actually had horses in Idaho and when we visited there one year for his birthday I was lucky enough to ride the horses while looking at the mountains. It was beautiful.


There was cute little kitty kats running around everywhere too. I wanted to play with them so bad but had to be on my best behavior and not seem like a crazy obsessive cat lady. They were adorable though and made me miss my cat so much. Cats are a sure way to put a smile on my face :D.

Other mentionables include driving by the frat houses…



I’d join a frat just to live in these houses.

Did you know Brad Pitt also went to the University of Missouri and stayed in this frat house?


Too bad I didn’t get to see Mr. Pitt ;).

Now I’m back home in Jersey after a late flight last night. Actually, Rex Ryan, the Jets head coach, was on my flight home!!!! It was pretty cool. He seemed like a nice guy and talked to people and took pictures.

I didn’t get a picture with him because my phone was dead, I’m shy, and I didn’t feel like bothering him. Hehe.

I squeezed Chippy so tight when I got home and gave my cat a big ‘ol hug!

I’m also sick with a cold :(. My sinuses are congested and I have a cough. GRRRRRRR! I hate being sick because it slows me down and makes me feel less productive! Must. Fight. This. Cold.

For breakfast I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich but was in no mood to eat anything hot (not even oatmeal!!!) so instead I made my Orange-Ya Berry Happy Smoothies. It has lots of vitamin C and antioxidants to help kick this colds butt.

After breakfast, I headed to the gym to get in a spin class and do some ab work.

It felt great to get back in my routine and sweat after a nice vacation. I felt a little better at the gym while working out, too! It must be those endorphins ;).

Once I came home I was ravenous so I ate about a cups worth of quinoa/flax/spelt cereal. It my faaaavorite.


On the side I had apple slices + a few strawberries.


I might go make myself a bowl of veggie soup too to get in some more vitamins. Plus soup is yummy :).

I’m planning on getting in lots of fruits and veggies today to hopefully make this cold go away!

It’s 60* here and beautiful so I’m off to take Chippy for a walk and then get mains and pedis with my friend! I love getting pampered :D. I’m thinkin’ of painting them yellow for Spring!

Have a wonderful day!


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