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March 16, 2011

A Burrito Baby + Hot Tubbin’

Hiya! :D

Yesterday, Sean and I hit up Chipotle for lunch.

It’s a Mexican themed chain restaurant with burritos and salads. I, of course, got what they call a “burrito baby”. It’s called this because it so huge that it’s like a little baby (weird, no?!).

This picure doesn’t do my burrito justice.

Inside was: rice with some sort of herbs + salsa + peppers/onions + lettuce + a little hot sauce. I kept mine on the “lighter” side but if you’ve ever been to Chipotle or Qdoba you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

I ended up unwrapping the tortilla and just eating the inside because I didn’t feel I needed the tortilla to have it taste good. See! Saving calories where I can so I can indulge in other areas later (like dessert ;)).

Later on in the night we decided to go to the rec center to go in the hot tubs! They’re modeled after the Playboy mansion and it is THE sickest rec center I’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculous. I could live there.

Big TV…

Doesn’t it look like the Playboy mansion with the waterfall and all?

Ahhhhhh so relaxing…

After we went hot tubbin’ we hit up one of our favorite frozen yogurt places – yogaluv.

They had new flavors like Irish mint and red velvet cake.

O.M.G. The red velvet cake fro-yo was TO.DIE.FOR. It tasted JUST like it.

I got original frozen yogurt + Irish mint + mango + red velvet cake and my toppings included: crushed Snickers + crushed Oreo’s + brownie bits + strawberries. Mmmmm :). So so so so good!

Later on in the night we popped some popcorn and watched The Social Network. I looove this movie. Probably one of my fav’s for sure!

Today I’m off to go to some of Sean’s classes + help out volunteer with Sean at a horse back riding place where disabled kids get a chance to experience horse back riding.

The suns shining and I’m ready to kick start my Wednesday!

Have a fab day!


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