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March 15, 2011

Vacation Eats: Dealing With Moderation

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post… I’m actually feeling a bit under the weather :(. My head has been killing me so I am hoping that taking medicine + eating fruits and veggies will help me out.

We’re planning on going to the awesome hot tubs tonight so stay tuned for pics of that! I hear it’s modeled after the Playboy Mansion ;).

I began writing this post yesterday but just finished it now… So back to your regularly scheduled post!

PS – It was super nice here today! …but pictures will soon explain why I’m happy the sunshine came out :).


Happy Monday!

How’s everyone’s Monday treatin’ ya?

As promised in yesterday’s post, I managed to take pictures of most of the things I have eaten today.

You’ll see that I always allow myself to indulge but do so in moderation.

Yesterday, I went to sleep with everything looking like this…

But when I woke up everything looked like THIS

AHHHHHHH! I thought I escaped the snow?!!?!? Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and warm though (60*). Weird, eh?

For breakfast I had my overnight oats that I packed for my trip. I picked up some almond milk at a grocery store + …wait for it… ARTISANA COCONUT BUTTER!!!!!! I’ve been looking for this stuff EVERYWHERE. I haven’t opened it yet (dying to) because I don’t want it to spill all over my bag during the plane ride but it is so tempting just sitting in my suitcase…looking at me…with all its deliciousness. I’m contemplating coughing up $11 for another jar ;).

I topped my oats with a banana + some peanut butter that I brought from home.

I eventually heated up my oats in the microwave since I couldn’t fathom the thought of eating cold oats on a snowy day. You are not supposed to microwave overnight oats (and it definitely tampers with the taste) so I wouldn’t recommened microwaving them but it works in a pinch. Tomorrow I might try making hot oats.

Hot oats FTW.

We eventually took the bus to campus and ate lunch short after at the student center.

We walked around viewing all the pizza, wraps, and sandwiches we could get but we settled on sushi.

I got the veggie combo roll (12 little rolls) and dipped them in a mixture of wasabi and low-sodium soy sauce. Inside each roll was cucumber, carrots, and avocado. Yuuuum. I was very happy to see that the University offers low-sodium options. I also loved the sesame seeds sprinkled ontop of the rolls. It took these rolls to a whole other level.

After that, I wanted something sweet and the smoothie store looked like it was making deeelish smoothies.

I got a raspberry + peach smoothie (unpictured because I forgot) that was veeeery good. However, I was dissappointed to see they put sherbet in the smoothie (probably to make it sweeter) :(. I prefer my smoothie without any additional sweeteners like ice cream or frozen yogurt. I split it with Sean.

After thaaaat my hunger monster was still aching for a little chocolate. I was actually craving hot chocolate but didn’t indulge in my craving because I thought it was just a phase. BAD idea. I do not recommend ignoring your true cravings because they will not go away. It’s proven science.

I got a smores Luna Bar (unpictured, sorry guys!!! I kept forgetting) that tasted nothing like smores. I will not be buying that flavor ever again. I notice I don’t really like Luna Bars… they’re really sugary to me. And that’s coming from a girl with a big sweet tooth. I also snuck a few of Sean’s peanut M&M’s. OK now my hunger monster is squashed. For real!

When we got home I was craving veggies in a mad way so Sean microwaved some frozen veggies for me (do what you can!) with a tiny bit of butter and freshly cracked black pepper (unpictured…where has my mind gone?). It hit the spot. I’m glad I indulged in this craving because it was exactly what I have been needing.

For dinner Sean and I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings!

I looooooove BWW! But, they only serve…wings. And a few other things. But they specialize in wings. When I used to eat meat, I would be able to knock back tons of their wings. They are so good. However, I am now a vegetarian and loving my new choice to not eat meat.

Lots and lots and lots of TV’s. Perfect for game time!

They had a special going (I think it’s every Monday) where all wings are only 60 cents.

Sean ordered 3 orders of wings and I ordered a Boca burger.

Mmmmmm. I was either really hungry or in dillusion, but this “burger” was goood! I inhaled it ;). And the fries! I was craving french fries in a mad way.

Check out this cute ketchup bottle:

Hehehe. It says, “Ketchup: The source of all mustard’s insecurities.”

I love ketchup! I think we almost finished the whole bottle LOL. I don’t mess around with ketchup, mk?

Sean also ordered his first legal beer out! It was so cute to see him get carded :).

After dinner we went to Walmart to try and rent a movie but the Red Box movie machine wasn’t working :(. We got a bunch of candy for the movie we were supposed to watch so I ate some of that.

As you can see I indulge in moderation. I never deprive myself and always allow myself little treats here and there. For me, a few treats every once and a while is part of a healthy diet.

Tonight we’re planning on going back to Walmart and seeing if the Red Box is fixed so we can watch a movie with popcorn! Yum.

Well, I’m off to go relax in the hot tubs and then eat dinner + watch a movie.

See ya!

PS – Thank you all for your patience with my late posts and such. I’ll be back on my blogging “schedule” by Friday!


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